My latest purchase: new candles for safe wax play

Thurs. 29 Oct. 2015

Wax play is not something I do very often, but it’s good to know that when I do indulge in this activity, I have high-quality candles that are designed for the purpose and are safe to use. Thus my most recent purchase: candles made from natural soya wax (from soya beans) and natural botanic oils.

You can see in the accompanying pictures, from the leaflets that came with the candles, that the manufacturers of these candles take health and safety seriously, and that is always a very good thing when it comes to the practice of BDSM. And in the third pic you can see why: this is my Special Maid in my Studio after I’ve “tested” my new purchase of candles.

I purchased these candles – as I have purchased many items for use in both my Studio and Domestic Room – from SWAMP, Bristol’s long-running and highly regarded monthly fetish market and after-market play party. I attend SWAMP as often as I can, which is most months; for information on this event please visit their web site: South West Alternative Market and Party.

Mistress Geo

Important notice: I will be travelling internationally from the end of this year until early February 2016 and will not be sessioning for six weeks. For details, see Important notice: I’m travelling at the end of December.