A taste of Singapore

Fri. 04 Nov. 2016

In my previous News item I mentioned that I’m back in Bristol and wielding the cane, among other implements. Well, among the canes I’ll be wielding will be these latest additions to my collection: a selection of canes from Singapore, chosen by myself.

The pink-handled cane is a souvenir and is unlikely to see regular service in my Studio, but the others most definitely will. The three you can see at the top of the picture are of slightly different lengths and thickness and I’m sure that, together, they’ll cover a wide range of applications. The brush-like “multi-cane” implement will present visitors with the opportunity for new sensation experiences.

Unfortunately I could not procure an authentic Singaporean judicial cane, the use of which is notorious the world over. But I did enquire! These state judicial canes are 1.2 metres long and nearly 13 millimetres thick. They are, of course, rattan cane – just like the smaller versions I brought back with me.

So, as I prepare this News item, I wonder who will be the first to savour a genuine taste of Singapore, delivered by my own hand.

Now, for those interested in knowing a little more about the official use of the cane in Singapore, here is an article on the subject, courtesy of Wikipedia: Caning in Singapore.

Mistress Geo