Candles for wax play that come with sound advice for safe use

Mon. 09 Oct. 2017

The last time I was at the nationally renown Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar (BBB) I bought candles for wax play, and in preparing this News item I was reminded once again at how fast time passes: that last visit to the BBB was in June when I hosted their “Meet the Mistress” event.

These candles are “Made in the UK” from natural soya wax and have botanic oils added. They are quite striking in appearance and they work well. They thoughtfully come with very sound written advice on how to use candles with safety in mind, in both the environmental sense and in the personal sense (see the second and third pics I’ve included here).

Now, one thing I have to mention is that I’ve bought these same candles in the past, also at the BBB; that was back in 2015. So buying these candles again amounts to a recommendation, in my opinion; and, I mentioned the candles in a News item then as well: My latest purchase: new candles for safe wax play.

I’m going to need a new supply of quality candles, too, as I’m planning a period of artistic experiments with the laying down of wax on certain parts of human anatomy with several of my visitors; these are following a number of such sessions I’ve already conducted in my Studio. As a result, and as you might expect, I have more wax-play-oriented articles coming up...

I know there are many aficionados of wax play, so for links to all things candles and wax-play that I’ve written myself and that have appeared previously here in my News section, see Retro candles have a certain charm, but...

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Finally, regarding my attendance at the BBB when I bought my latest batch of wax-play candles, I posted a report of that fine (extremely hot) Sunday afternoon: Report: Hosting the BBB ‘Meet a Mistress’ event.

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