Announcing my final sessioning date for this year

Sat. 20 Oct. 2018

On 25 September I announced here on my News page that my annual travel will commence earlier than usual and will extend longer than usual (see I’m travelling earlier than usual this year, and will be away longer). I am now in a position to announce my last sessioning day for this year: Tuesday 20 November.

Unfortunately, I am not in a position to similarly announce my first sessioning day in the new year; circumstances dictate that I must leave the exact date open. These circumstances concern some changes here at Pinch HQ Bristol, but, tentatively, I should by late January be able to announce the beginning of sessions for early February. I will, however, be back in Bristol and contactable via the usual methods and procedures from Friday 25 January – I still may not be able to give a date for the recommencement of sessions, but I should have a better idea and will be happy to discuss options with my faithfuls; at that time, though, I am unlikely to be able to discuss options or dates with newcomers.

I will be taking with me on my travels some material for News items that I’ve been saving for this time, and therefore hope to keep some articles and information flowing here on my News page while I’m away – oh for the convenience and the joys of digital technology.

Mistress Geo