I take calls from 10:00 to 20:00 Monday to Saturday. However, even during these hours, please be aware that my phone is not always attended; for example, if I am in session, I will obviously be unavailable to take calls. I will not usually answer calls outside of my normal hours, but whether I do or not depends entirely on my whim.

Withheld numbers will likewise not normally be answered, but if I do answer I will ask you to call again on a non-withheld number. I do not take bookings from withheld numbers, so be aware that it is your time and money being wasted if you call from a withheld number. If you have no option but to call from a withheld number, please text me first to let me know this. Text messages, except to notify me of an imminent call from a withheld number, will be ignored.

Disrespectful or inappropriate behaviour during telephone calls will not be tolerated: I am not a provider of erotic telephone services and I will, at my discretion and, depending on my mood, possibly without warning, terminate any call. And please note that I do not offer remote domination by any means (and this includes for regulars). I delete disrespectful emails without reply.

My contact telephone number is: 07528 580 415.

My contact email address (rendered here as a spam-protected image) is:

At least 48-hours’ notice is required from new enquiries; making appointments as far in advance as possible will help avoid disappointment and is therefore preferable from your point of view. All appointments need to be confirmed by telephone two days in advance; depending on circumstances, I may also ask for additional confirmation on the day of the appointment. I do not accept confirmations by email or text message, and I do not take confirmations from withheld numbers.

For my regulars, I will accommodate same-day and short-notice appointments whenever possible, but these are by no means guaranteed. I do not accept same-day requests from first-time sessioners.

My premises are located in a discreet area of north-east inner-city Bristol, just off junction 2 of the M32; they are well served by public transport and there is ample free, safe parking in the vicinity. Although I am based in Bristol, I have visitors from all over the South West and nationally, and even internationally.

Details of my tribute for both studio and domestic room sessions can be found on my studio and domestic room pages, and together on the Questions? page. In fact, I very strongly advise you to visit my Questions page in advance of contacting me – the chances are that all your queries will be answered there. is a professionally constructed website and great care has been taken in providing all the information you need to decide whether my style of domination, the scenarios and activities I offer, and my premises, are conducive to your requirements. Therefore, please read the relevant sections of this site carefully before contacting me.

I also have a second website that concentrates on my activities as a Bristol professional mistress. This site is concise and to-the-point and offers a slightly different perspective on myself (along with some pictures you won’t find in my image gallery on this site). You will find it towards the top of page one results of a Web search for "Bristol Mistress Geo”, especially using a search engine other than Google (e.g. Yahoo or Bing or Duck Duck Go), as Google’s policy on second sites can be erratic.


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