As of February 2019 I am no longer making appointments for anyone I have not seen before. This means I am not catering for newcomers, but only for those whom I have already seen and have established a working rapport. For further information, please see my News item of 12 February 2019: IMPORTANT: (a) significant dates, (b) no longer accepting newcomers.


Ethics and culture

Sensuality and eroticism, like beauty, are in the eye of the beholder. Rather, they are in the mind and imagination of those who seek them out and of those who crave them. Imagination and desire have for too long been repressed in our society, and liberty can take many forms: releasing the erotic imagination is one of them, and, in this, I am an agent of liberation.


With liberation also comes responsibility. While we are all responsible for ourselves and I have little time for those who do not accept full responsibility for their own choices in life, clearly, when other men or women willingly place themselves in my charge, I am responsible for their well-being. Under the unique circumstances of visiting a dominatrix, the real world is suspended in more ways than one and responsibility is deferred to me for a set period of time (but then, what is truly "the real world”?). This can sometimes be a challenge, sometimes an honour, but this I accept.

I do, of course, adhere to the internationally recognised BDSM code of "safe, sane and consensual”. I honour this code absolutely and, although my heavy sessions are exactly that, I will not consider any activity that violates this code, and I will not tolerate the consumption of any intoxicants whatsoever in my presence or on my premises.

It is within this context that I enjoy pushing limits whilst still respecting them, and I strive to inspire confidence at every step of the journey.

I welcome sincere first-timers, novices and seasoned submissives without prejudice. Honesty will be rewarded with my responsibility and respect. I am strict, sometimes stern, but also warm and always approachable.

Professionalism and the importance of communication

Clearly, while I take the lead in domination, I effectively work with those who entrust themselves to me in order to arrive at the desired outcome. This is achieved by the essential process of close communication. I am well versed in the mechanisms of this process, which are explained in more detail on the other pages of this site (see especially the "session etiquette” section of my studio page).

I describe myself as a lifestyle dominatrix; I’m well travelled, have lived in four different countries, and have experienced much of what life has to offer. While I am absolutely open-minded, accepting, non-judgemental and effectively unshockable, inevitably there are activities that do not appeal to me, and that is my prerogative. For example, while I most definitely am not a man-hater and do like having fun when I dominate, I do not provide sexual services. The liberation I offer does not involve sex; those who are seeking sex as part of domination should apply to those who offer it. The activities I will not consider are listed in more detail on my studio, domestic room and questions pages of this site.

As the above will indicate to the discerning reader, I conduct myself professionally and to high standards of etiquette, and I expect all who approach me to do so respectfully. At the same time, I am down-to-earth and am not fond of the trivialities of etiquette. Of course, if you don’t think my style of domination is for you, then you are welcome to continue your search for a mistress that will suit you. However, if you are fascinated by a cultured approach to BDSM and fetish desire, then you may well be the kind of person who will find reward in discovering more with me as your guide. And, on that note, I strongly advise you to thoroughly peruse my Questions? page in advance of contacting me for the first time; that’s why it’s there, and I know immediately when a new contact has not done so.

Personal interests

Personally, my scene passions are leather, corsets, boots and heels and hats; rope; and well-designed, finely made specialist BDSM implements and equipment. I possess many fine examples of all of these, some in abundance. My general philosophy in life is "quality, not quantity”, and I apply this philosophy every day, from my choice of and method of making coffee, to wine, to choosing a corset or a flogger, to the application of BDSM in practice.

Outside of the scene I enjoy art of most forms and genres (I am also an artist, thus I make my own cilices); the performing arts; innovative and competent design in general application from stationery to clothes and shoes to architecture; motorcycling; and of course leather (yes, I love leather outside of the scene context).

Reading is an experience in its own right, and by taking the time to read these pages you will already have entered my world. I look forward to celebrating the art of BDSM with those who share my standards and interests.

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