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There is more than one way to please mistress… and you would like to please her, wouldn’t you? There is a way you can demonstrate your appreciation for the extra care she puts into planning your session, and into constructing and maintaining her premises and, indeed, this website, so that you may enjoy life all the more fully – and that is by presenting her with a gift.

This, of course, is what this page is all about. But first, a general word of introduction: as I state on my "Ethics and culture” page, my attitude, especially when it comes to all those finer things in life, is quality, not quantity. This refers to the actual item, not to the prestige of the point of purchase – for as much as my tastes may be refined, both literally and aesthetically, I place little importance on the perceived social status of merchants. Why buy from Harrods when the same item is available on Amazon for half the price? We all need to be sensible in these trying economic times.

Being organised, I have gathered together a list of appropriate gift material for your convenience. After all, you would never forgive yourself if you got it wrong, would you. As a tactile person, I would prefer to receive gifts directly from you at the conclusion of a session, but I recognise this is not always possible, practical or even desirable, depending on your circumstances and your own preferred approach. Thus, I have provided options for remote and anonymous gift-giving.

Now, after all that, I’m sure you’re interested in the details…


I have established two Amazon wish lists that present you with the opportunity to choose something for me that you would like to give. The principal list is for items sold by Amazon and that can be delivered directly to me; the second list is for items not sold by Amazon and that you need to have delivered to yourself and then present to me in person. The lists are named appropriately ("Have these delivered directly to me”, and "Present these to me in person”).

I should emphasise that only items actually purchased from Amazon (i.e. where Amazon is the seller) can be delivered directly to me; third-party sellers do not have my account details. You are, of course, able to choose from my principal wish list a gift supplied by any seller if you have the item delivered to yourself with the intention of presenting it to me in person (in this case, third-party sellers usually offer a better price).

As you might expect, books and films on DVD are well represented on the two lists; those from the Criterion Collection in America are the connoisseur’s choice for world cinema and are listed simply because for many reasons they’re the best versions to own, not least of which is because, in most cases, and unlike many UK editions of films released on DVD, they are uncut.

My Amazon wish list details (i.e. my name and an e-mail address) are:

Geo Pinch

BDSM & dungeon equipment

I have an account with Fettered Pleasures in London; please contact me for details of what has caught my eye from amongst their current stock of top-quality equipment. But, in the meantime, and before you contact me, you might like to take a look at the Fettered Pleasures website.


What lady, what Bristol mistress, doesn’t like to indulge in chocolate from time to time? For me, it’s dark chocolate only, and preferably Belgian. Alternatively, presenting me with a gift from Hotel Chocolat will allow me to remember you so very fondly when indulging in them.

Gift vouchers: e-vouchers

In all cases, you will need to enter my e-account details (my name and an e-mail address) so the respective account can be credited with the e-voucher. My account details are:

Geo Pinch

Amazon Email Gift Cards, of course, can be gifted to my Amazon account (you can also send me one of these from my "Have these delivered directly to me” Amazon wish list). Crediting my account with an email gift card is also the method of paying a deposit when you book a place in any workshop or other event I organise; and it’s the method I employ for receiving a deposit for a one-to-one session booking at my premises in those rare cases when I ask for a deposit in advance (see my Questions page, What happens if I cancel a session more than twice? for information on this).

Gift vouchers: traditional gift vouchers

Gift cards, certificates and vouchers of the old-fashioned physical variety will be graciously accepted. These, of course, will have to be presented to me in person when you see me for a session; in fact, as a tactile person I would actually prefer personal presentation. In this case, I would suggest vouchers from Amazon and House of Fraser.

Mistress Geo’s bar

I appreciate fine wine and genuine French champagne, cognac, single-malt Scotch whiskies, and select liqueurs. I have a preference for organic wines across-the-board, so if the varieties I like are available as organic produce, the choice is clear.

White wine: definitely sauvignon blanc, and especially from the Marlborough region of New Zealand. Italian pinot grigio also has its attractions. I’m not generally interested in sweet wines, but the highest-quality French dessert wines can be delicious. And let us not forget champagne. Of course, to be champagne, it must be French; if it is not French, it is not champagne. Simple, no?

Red wine: there is more room for manoeuvre here. I am particularly fond of aged, premium Cabernet Sauvignon; of Shiraz, especially from the Barossa Valley and McLaren Vale regions of South Australia; of Malbec from Argentina and Carménčre from Chile. I appreciate Grenache, and of course I love a good Bordeaux, and also the best examples of the lighter-bodied Beaujolais have their place. I do not drink rosé (or "pink” wine), so please do not consider it.

Cognac: I love fine cognac, but my tastes dictate that it must be either Rémy Martin, or Courvoisier. And, please, don’t consider anything less than VSOP.

Whisky: ah, now here you are spoiled for choice – don’t you love your mistress for having a taste for single-malt Scotch whisky? That’s right, single malts only need apply. Because of the unique nature of many single malts, there are a great many that I like, but here are some of my favourites: Balvenie (all varieties); Bowmore; Glenkinchie; Isle of Jura (all varieties); Laphroaig (all varieties); and Oban.


What femme fatale – or dominatrix – would be without her signature scent? Of course, like everything else, only a quality perfume will do, and this is my perfume:

Rive Gauche by Yves Saint Laurent


You’re enjoying my website, aren’t you? Of course you are! Well, surprise, surprise, this site could not have been developed without technology, and your dear Mistress Geo herself contributed greatly to the design and content of this site. Now, it so happens that certain items in the possession of your Mistress that are required to produce, maintain and monitor a site such as this one are getting rather long in the tooth and need replacing.

Here is a short list of the more urgently required items:

Apple iPad, 32GB (in space grey), Wi-Fi model.

The iPad is a standard configuration and is available over the counter at Apple stores (i.e. the real shops you can walk into) and via the Apple online store. It’s also usually available at other select high-street technology and office-supply retailers both in their physical stores and online, and also through Amazon and some other online-only retailers.

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