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Sexual politics and cultural links

Backlash (UK): the organisation formed to campaign against the UK’s "extreme pornography” law and that now assists those falling afoul of the law, where there is no victim of genuine abuse, to fight their case in court. [April 2018 update: Backlash has always been an important organisation at the forefront of campaigning against the UK government’s proposed extension of the extreme porn law and forcing internet service providers (ISPs) to impose compulsory default "filtering” of the internet, and, most recently, soundly criticising the introduction of website age-verification systems in the UK. On these and related issues, you might like to see some of the articles I’ve written for my own News page: After the BBFC age-verification consultation, here is Backlash’s response; and, ‘Extreme porn’ and internet censorship, and More on forced internet filtering and the ‘porn monster’; and, "Internet ‘filtering’ was always the thin edge of the wedge”, part 1; part 2; part 3; and, part 4. Also Tiger porn ‘joke’ is now on police and prosecutors.]

CAAN (UK): Consenting Adult Action Network the organisation formed to campaign for the right of consenting adults to conduct themselves in private life as they see fit, which, at an even more basic level, translates into a broader human rights agenda to reclaim privacy and the right to free and self expression.

Coilhouse (culture, international): a self-proclaimed "love letter to alternative culture”. US-based but international in scope, now an archive on the web. Intelligent, and covering a wide range of topics.

Electronic Frontiers (Australia): is a non-profit national organisation founded in 1994 to protect and promote the civil liberties of users and operators of computer-based communications systems, to advocate the amendment of laws and regulations in Australia and elsewhere (both current and proposed) that restrict free speech, and to educate about the social, political and civil liberties issues involved in the use of computer-based communications systems.

Law & Sexuality (UK): the UK-based blog of legal academic Chris Ashford, professor of law and society at Northumbria University. Well worth a look for information and discussion of events concerning the intersection of law, society and politics in matters of sexuality in the UK. [October 2014 update: Chris has a professional interest in the UK government's proposed extension of the extreme-porn law and moves to force internet service providers (ISPs) to impose compulsory censorship of the internet; he writes about these issues on a regular basis so look for those items on his blog.]

Melon Farmers (UK): Where you can find all manner of coverage on issues of importance with an emphasis on censorship.

NCSF (US): the National Coalition for Sexual Freedom is committed to creating a political, legal and social environment in the United States that advances equal rights for consenting adults who engage in alternative sexual and relationship expressions.

Obscenity Lawyer (UK): Myles "Obscenity Lawyer” Jackman, solicitor-advocate and sexual politics campaigner extraordinaire. A bastion of rationality and important achievement when it comes to the increasingly illiberal, reactionary laws targeting "alternative” sexuality being passed in the UK. Myles provides pro bono legal advice to Backlash (see link above). This site is his blog, and is a great source of information on the cases he has fought (and usually won) on behalf of us all.

Revise F65 (international): a Norwegian website leading a Scandinavian-based campaign to have fetishism and sadomasochism removed from the UN World Health Organisation’s International Classification of Diseases (ICD), where they are currently still listed as mental disorders. Revise F65 is also a good general source of news and information on the international fetish and BDSM scenes (Tip: make sure you’re on the English-language page of the site, and if the text of the page you’re viewing is in Norwegian, scroll down as the English text might be below it).

Sardax (art, international): Visit the website of the artist who drew my portrait (see I’m honoured with a portrait by renown fetish artist Sardax) and, while there, feast your eyes on an imaginative range of dominant women and male predicaments.

Sex & Censorship (UK): a pro-sexual rights campaign started as a counter-lobby to the UK government forcing internet service providers (ISPs) to impose default "filters” on every internet connection in the country. The campaign has since expanded in response to the growing influence of moral-panic groups that are making headway in having a wide variety of anti-sexual-freedom laws considered, in some cases passed, by parliament.

SomethingDark (culture, international): a UK-based international cultural webmagazine. Sections on photography, art, fiction and nonfiction writing – all cutting-edge. The Leeds-based comic artist Geof Banyard has a regular spot in "SDk” with his Fetishman character. Thoroughly recommended, wherever you are.

Spanner Trust (UK): the longest-running UK BDSM rights organisation, formed in 1995 as a result of the infamous "Spanner” trials of the early 1990s, when 16 gay men were given prison sentences of up to four and a half years or fined for engaging in consensual SM activity.

Supervert (culture, international): pure culture of a particularly, deliciously, perverted kind. A "super pervert” indeed. As entertaining as it is informative (click on Malevichs black square).

Urban Chick Supremacy Cell (art, culture & activism, UK): The UC-SC, "the hard edge of femdom”, combines BDSM and urban cultures with performance art to create a uniquely alternative take on female domination. Fantastic counter-counterculture! The UC-SC has also been targeted by the UK online-TV regulator, who overstepped their mark and got slapped down as a result of UC-SC supremo Tytania taking them on. Even more fantastic! Read about it on my News page: Domme-art’s victory over commercial and moral repression.

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