As of February 2019 I am no longer making appointments for anyone I have not seen before. This means I am not catering for newcomers, but only for those whom I have already seen and have established a working rapport. For further information, please see my News item of 12 February 2019: IMPORTANT: (a) significant dates, (b) no longer accepting newcomers.


Miss Pinch’s domestic room

For those looking for a domestic environment, perhaps something more familiar and less demanding, or perhaps something focussed on real-life fantasies or cherished memories, I conduct authoritarian matriarch, college (junior and senior), office, waiting-room, interrogation and other scenarios in my domestic room.

My favoured implement in the domestic room is the cane; and, as befitting my matriarchal status, I have a selection of canes, one for every application, and you will find me accomplished with the revered instrument as I originally trained with some very experienced exponents for a number of years. I am well aware of the bite of the cane and appreciate how those on the receiving end may need to be eased into a caning. I cane at all levels, so if you "can’t take it too hard”, then that is not a problem. I enjoy pushing limits whilst still respecting them.

Corporal punishment (CP) from mild to severe and employing a wide range of quality implements – carefully selected by myself in my international travels – is a staple of the fare I offer. Likewise, the "English vice” – from simple over-the-knee to employing a variety of canes, crops, paddles, straps and tawses – is among my specialties.

CP is often enjoyed as part of role-playing, and with good reason. Besides straight-up lashings of English Vice, I am also the authoritarian matriarch of your choosing, perhaps an older sister, a grandmother (naughty things quiver in their muddied shoes), or, a favourite, the aunt you never knew you had – possibly not quite the "skeleton in the closet”, but perhaps the family kept me a secret for good reason…

I enjoy dealing with transvestites and cross-dressers, and am very experienced in doing so. I am able to offer a variety of role-play scenarios and feminisation (both voluntary and "forced”). I can also offer grooming and deportment sessions. Transgendered people of all orientations are welcome; I will be pleased to discuss your specific domestic-setting requirements.

My tribute begins at £120 an hour for role-play and CP scenarios in my domestic room, and thenceforth £50 per extra half hour. My first session with you will include a complimentary extra half hour for a pre-session discussion and post-session chat and chill-out, regardless of the actual session time requested, and all subsequent sessions will include extra time for a short pre-session chat and a post-session cup of tea. I do not offer session times of less than one hour, except by arrangement with those I have seen at least twice previously.

And now for a cautionary word: as a matriarch of the domestic environment I must emphasise from the outset that I do not provide sexual services of any kind; if you would like some kind of "extra” activity, whether it specifically involves my participation or not, please look elsewhere. I also do not entertain body worship, "adult babies”, medical play, or any activity that breaks the skin, and I do not deliver judicial CP on a first meeting.

Here is a summary of basic activities suitable for my domestic room:

College scenarios: my domestic room features a vintage desk and blackboard, which can be pressed into service for lessons and detention. As a headmistress, I often wear an academic gown during and immediately after college hours.

Spanking: how does one pluck a chicken? There are many ways and means, and it is the same with spanking: over-the-knee, bare bottom, slipper and hairbrush are among the favourites and I cater to all tastes in this niche of the English Vice.

Corporal punishment: the English Vice is writ large in my domestic room! I administer general CP, starting with OTK spanking and progressing through a variety of implements including (but not limited to) the slipper, paddle, strap, tawse, crop and cane. There are innumerable variations on the theme of CP, which provide much scope for improvisation within the bounds of the negotiated scene. All CP is administered with a good warm-up, except for judicials.

Judicial caning: judicials, on the other hand, being more severe, can be over the whipping bench or even restrained, with a gag if necessary – it depends on your experience and preferences, and on my discretion: since there is no warm up, we all need to know what we are doing, and that is why I will not consider a judicial as a first-session activity.

Creative role-playing: I am your aunt, stern, or nurturing and matriarchal, or just plain nasty – it depends on what kind of "nephew” you are. I am your dreaded office manager, the boss-bitch from hell; or, when I have clawed my way to the top of the corporate ladder, leaving a trail of male debris in my wake, you will be the unfortunate mid-level manager who has earned the wrath of the she-devil chief executive. Or perhaps you are an innocent customer in a shoe shop, and your indecisiveness fires the store manager into an indignant rage that must see her teach the customer a lesson or two. Or there is the professional trainer in etiquette who must inspect your attire – whether that be business suit or your choice of petticoat… The list of scenarios is endless.

As you can see, there is no shortage of choice of activity for my domestic room. Whatever your level of play, whatever your fantasy, I will be able to plan a custom scenario once you communicate your requirements to me. Finally, I strongly advise prospective newcomers to peruse my Questions? page in advance of contacting me for the first time – that’s why it’s there.

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