As of February 2019 I am no longer making appointments for anyone I have not seen before. This means I am not catering for newcomers, but only for those whom I have already seen and have established a working rapport. For further information, please see my News item of 12 February 2019: IMPORTANT: (a) significant dates, (b) no longer accepting newcomers.


Mistress Geo’s studio

My studio, located in the vibrant city of Bristol, is where I take pleasure in dominating those men and women who wish to submit to me in the realisation of their fantasies and desires in an exhilarating environment. My studio is my lair; it reflects my personality, passion and experience, and in my lair I reign supreme. It is a space where the fantastic is made possible.

And before I continue, yes, my studio really is mine, not rented from a landlord or some middleman, and it has been constructed for one purpose only. Here you will find no bogus "fully equipped” dungeon; I have been to large BDSM events in the United States with hotel ballrooms turned into massive play spaces with 500 people busy at work using all manner of fittings and fixtures, and even these spaces were not "fully equipped”. What you will discover in my studio is a space that has been carefully fashioned and equipped to suit the activities that interest me and what I do best.

Which brings me to my areas of expertise. Like any dominant woman, I have my specialties (and there are other activities I will not consider). For convenience and brevity, here they are in point form:

Cock-and-ball torment (CBT): I employ a unique series of devices by the artisan designer–maker, Fred Pinch. CBT is a personal favourite of mine, and I have much more to say about this below.

Enforced chastity: this pursuit couples well with CBT, and especially with the way I practice it.

Nipple torment (NT): shares some techniques and implements with CBT, and has its own rewards.

Cilice training: not so common, but definitely one of my specialities, especially considering I hand-make my own cilices in surgical steel.

Sensation play: for the connoisseur; and, of course, delivered by a connoisseur.

Sensory deprivation: there are many ways to nirvana, and nowhere is this more so than with the many ways to deprive various senses of perception.

Hot wax play: particularly effective when used in conjunction with CBT…

Bondage and discipline: augmented with a unique and beautiful bondage chair in stainless steel and aluminium by Fred Pinch, and with industrial suspension facilities featuring an RSJ-mounted gantry assembly with chain pulley block.

Rope bondage: I have a rope for every application, and you will discover I know how to use them.

Caging: two beautifully crafted cages in a series by Fred Pinch (matching the bondage chair); I can guarantee you will feel privileged to be held captive in such works of art.

Electrical play: with my classic violet wand with many attachments and an E-Stim A-Box Audio. I love seeing the sparks fly…

Feminisation (both voluntary and enforced): I enjoy dealing with transvestites, cross-dressers and men who simply enjoy the touch of silky lingerie against their skin, and I’m very experienced in doing so. Thus, no matter what your persona, and whether fantasy, role-playing or a very real part of yourself, you will be able to have fun or explore in a non-judgemental, supportive environment. I can be to you whatever you would like: big sister, aunt, headmistress, or simply a friend who will be able to help you with your clothes, grooming and deportment.

Transgendered people: all orientations are welcome; please contact me to discuss your requirements.

Humiliation: certain aspects and actions of humiliation I like, others I don’t; we’ll quickly be able to determine whether I will cater to what you desire, so please ask.

Shoe/boot worship: for those who love shoes and boots on a woman, I can assure you that you will not be disappointed with my collection, which is well endowed with impressive heels of various types. I will take pleasure in displaying my collection to you via my feet; I may even be persuaded to indulge in a spot of trampling.

Corporal punishment (CP): like a desert cactus, a hardy perennial; and, like the cactus, can be a mild pin-prick or an intoxicating shock. I can, of course, select from an enormous range of implements collected personally from around the world, including canes, floggers, tawses, straps, paddles, dragon tails, cats, whips, and even a selection of slippers.

Judicial CP: a very specialised subset of the CP arts that I will take pleasure in administering from my second session with you. My policy on this is due to the important requirement that I become familiar with your tolerances, thresholds, experience and health.

Creative role-playing: here, in the rigorous environment of my studio, there is plenty of scope to explore or otherwise enact the more boundary-pushing varieties of role-play that may not be suited to a domestic environment. I like experimenting, and will consider most fantasies.

Joint sessions: I cater for couples of all genders and sexualities, and, depending on precise circumstances and certain conditions, I can also arrange for a professional female submissive or/and another experienced dominant (female or male) to join sessions. Therefore, women as well as couples – whatever your circumstances or requirements – are welcome to enquire after a wide range of journeys and explorations offered under my auspices. (Please see my Questions? page for more information on joint sessions.)

Spanking: over-the-knee or restrained, this is a staple of the scene and effective both as a warm-up activity and as an end in itself.

Now for a little more detail on some of the above.

My principal specialty is cock-and-ball torment (other words also describe the process). I use a unique range of custom-made, precision-engineered CBT devices made by Fred Pinch, which I can guarantee will be outside your experience. With these devices you will be at my mercy, and your resulting journey can range from easy and sensual to a severity that will have you squirming with entirely new sensations, that will replace the rosiness of your cheeks with a ghostly white. The choice is yours, if you are ready for the challenge.

However, it is not necessary for you to make choices. With my long experience in CBT, you can rest assured knowing that if you grant me the power to take your most precious possessions as my own, your flight through a physical and psychological wonder-world will be all the more awe-inspiring. In fact, it will be literally breathtaking, but all the while you will be secure in the knowledge you will leave my studio in one piece and glowing from a revelatory experience.

A footnote on the Fred Pinch devices I use: these are the result of more than 50 years’ research and development, and most of these exquisite pieces are now out of production.

CBT is related to my passion for sensation play. I have a finely honed sense of eroticism and am well aware of the wonderful fantasies the human mind is capable of conjuring. I have in my possession a vast array of implements and am very adept in the arts of sensation play, usually a more gentle form of BDSM.

Sensory deprivation is also often directly related to sensation play: as pleasure and pain can be made an exquisite mix of conflicting yet complementary experiences, so sensation can be combined with its deprivation to create altered states of consciousness. Thus my range of hoods, blindfolds and gags can be pressed into service alone or in conjunction with bondage and a multitude of other activities.

Session etiquette

Please bear in mind that once we have discussed the outline of a scene, what will (or might) happen and what will not, you must give yourself over entirely to my power. The impertinence of attempting to top from the bottom will not be tolerated and will be punished. Impertinence and consequent punishment can, of course, be part of a negotiated scene.

Clearly, while I take the lead in dominating you, we will be working together to arrive at the desired outcome. This necessitates my becoming familiar with your requirements. We begin this process in the first instance with your initial contact by telephone or email, and then in direct discussion immediately before a session. This pre-session tete-à-tete, usually of around 15 minutes’ duration, is particularly important in becoming acquainted, for discussing any health issues you may have, for discussing your limits, and, ultimately, for mapping out the session that will follow. Similarly, after every session there is an informal warm-down and "debriefing” that will also typically be of some 15 minutes.

This pre- and post-session time is complimentary and is included in the hourly tribute as it is essential for effective communication, for your comfort and well-being, and for the success of the session at hand and of any future sessions. For these reasons, I do not offer sessions of less than one hour’s duration except by special arrangement with those with whom I have successfully sessioned on at least two previous occasions.

Tribute for sessions in the atmospheric environment of my purpose-built studio starts at £150 for the first hour; this is a typical base tribute, although it can be more depending on the activities requested as part of the negotiated scene. Additional time after the initial hour will attract a tribute of £50 per half hour.

Activities I will not consider: like most genuine mistresses I will not entertain certain activities, so please do not ask me about them. These are: sexual services (none whatsoever); watersports; scat and anal play; breath play; body worship; medical play; any activity that breaks skin; judicial CP on a first meeting; ball busting (lack of precise control makes this an unsafe practice). In short, I will not consider any activities that I personally find uncomfortable or distasteful, and activities that are likely to cause psychological, emotional or physical harm. The international BDSM code of "safe, sane and consensual” is my code, I will not deviate from it, and that is why I rule out activities I regard as unsafe or less than sane – and it is my opinion on this that matters, no-one else’s. Additionally, I will not tolerate any drugs or intoxicants whatsoever on my premises and will refuse to deal with anyone who arrives intoxicated.

To emphasise one of the points above, I do not provide sexual services of any type or description; I also do not session whilst naked or partially nude. And I do not switch, although a professional female submissive can join the session by arrangement (see above re "joint sessions”, and see my Q&A page, Is there anything else you don’t do?, for further information on what I do not do).

Trust, respect and discretion: be assured that as I demand respect for the boundaries I set myself in dealing with you, I will respect your boundaries and limits. Mutual trust is essential for successful interplay during sessions. Discretion is absolute.

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