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This page is designed to keep you informed of my latest news, events concerning myself, and to present items of interest to those who would like to keep in touch with what I get up to here in Bristol and elsewhere. Consider it as an occasional mini-blog, or an extended in-house version of Twitter.

There’s also a practical side to this page: it is here where I will announce, for example, when I am not available to take sessions, perhaps because I am travelling or simply taking a break, as well as information about my equipment and implements and new items that I may acquire from time to time.

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But since you’re here, why not take a look at my news below.

Mistress Geo Pinch, professional Bristol dominatrix

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An elaborate bondage session experimenting with techniques and props

Fri. 14 Apr. 2017

An elaborate bondage session experimenting with techniques and props

I’m far from a “photographer”, as such, but these two pictures from a recent session in my Studio came out reasonably well. In this case, I had one of my faithfuls in for an elaborate bondage session where I was experimenting with all manner of techniques and props.

The impetus for this particular session was a request from an artist friend of mine who asked me if I had any photos of amply proportioned men in certain bondage poses and configurations so she could find inspiration for a new series of drawings she wanted to do. I discussed the options with her and...Read more

Look what the Easter bunny has in store this season

Mon. 10 Apr. 2017

Look what the Easter bunny has in store this season

It’s Easter again, and while I’m not particularly enthusiastic about the traditional flamboyance of this micro-season – gaudily wrapped easter eggs and people hopping around in rabbit suits, etc. – I do admit to liking the idea of having a few foil-wrapped chocolate offerings on hand. Why? To use as a seasonal accessory for electrical play.

I’ll explain (although those with experience will be...Read more

Whilst on London venues... I thought I’d mention CCK

Thurs. 06 Apr. 2017

My previous News item concerned Club RUB’s last-ever event, so I thought I’d mention that the first word of this occasion came to me via Coffee, Cake and Kisses – or CCK2 as it might be known to some.

The “2” stands for the second incarnation of CCK, the original “CCK” standing for Coffee, Cake and Kink. It’s still known unofficially as the “Kink” version of the name...Read more

Farewell to an icon: Club RUB winds up tomorrow

Fri. 31 Mar. 2017

Farewell to an icon: Club RUB winds up tomorrow

Many of you would undoubtedly know of Club RUB in London; and I dare say some of you have attended this iconic monthly event at some point over the last 20 years. Well, unfortunately this Saturday, April 1st, will be the last-ever Club RUB as Kim, the lovely domme who’s run it all this time, is calling it a day.

That’s not all: besides tomorrow night being RUB’s closing-down party, it’s also the club’s 20th birthday party. And that is not all: tomorrow night’s RUB is also hosting the 20th Annual Rubber Awards. We’re also told it’s going to be a “Grand Reunion” for people who have attended RUB...Read more

A new visitor brings me a good red from Argentina

Sun. 26 Mar. 2017

A new visitor brings me a good red from Argentina

It so happens that I attended a wine tasting on Friday evening, as I do tend to like a drop or two (my gift list has been a good indicator of this since my website was launched in January 2011). So, it was with pleasant thoughts that I attended said tasting knowing I would not need to be looking to come home with an exotic malbec: a short time ago a new visitor lost no time getting into my “good books” by bringing with him a bottle of just such a wine, a 2014 Trivento Golden Reserve malbec from Argentina.

Like most Argentinian malbecs, this one is from the Mendoza wine region. Malbec is originally from France, but the Argentinians...Read more

My premises are my own, and I alone use them

Tues. 21 Mar. 2017

I have at various times and in a variety of forums made it clear that my premises in Bristol are my own, that is, both my Studio and my Domestic Room. Not only this, but I am the only one who sessions from them. This is my policy, and I regard it as essential in maintaining absolute control over my environment in every respect: cleanliness, and everything has its place and everything in its place... And also, of course, to maintain absolute control of what transpires at my premises. (I am a dominatrix, after all!)...Read more

McHurt of Berlin have launched their new website

Thurs. 16 Mar. 2017

McHurt of Berlin have launched their new website

At the end of January, shortly after my return from the Continent, I ran a News item about a wonderful Berlin-based business known as “McHurt”. I already possessed several examples of fine McHurt craftsmanship, and, since they are implements of exceptional quality of design and manufacture, I was...Read more

Directories make changes in face of new censorship regime

Fri. 10 Mar. 2017

Like most professional dominatrices, I have a presence on a number of directories, although I must say that I am listed with far fewer directories than many of my colleagues because I am very particular about who I associate with. For example, I prefer to be more discerning when it comes to aesthetics (website design, presentation, etc.), and I also avoid directories that cross over into webcam, video, escort, pornography and other such territory. Thus, if you go to my Links page, you will see far fewer directory banners there than you will on most dommes’ sites.

Be all this as it may, one directory with which I list, Sin Search, has this week made an important announcement in its occasional email newsletter ...Read more

NT in action

Mon. 06 Mar. 2017

NT in action

The two pictures you can see here with this News item depict one form of nipple torment (NT) in action. There are so many forms of NT that merely to attempt to list them all would almost be impossible. In the particular example at hand, I am using my vibrating suction-pump nipple cups – the battery-powered vibrators sit atop the nipple cups, and you can see the...Read more

My ‘mysterious artwork’ has found a home on my walls

Thurs. 02 Mar. 2017

My ‘mysterious artwork’ has found a home on my walls

Back in June of last year I posted an item to my News section that showcased some new prints I’d found in a Bristol bric-a-brac and vintage-wares shop. At that point I had not hung them, and indeed they have remained unhung until late last week. I am quite pleased with the result, and visitors to my Domestic Room will be able to see them since they are on display there.

I still don’t know the identity of the artist who produced the originals, and that’s why I refer to the prints as my “mysterious artwork”. So please have a look...Read more