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This page is designed to keep you informed of my latest news, events concerning myself, and to present items of interest to those who would like to keep in touch with what I get up to here in Bristol and elsewhere. Consider it as an occasional mini-blog, or an extended in-house version of Twitter.

There’s also a practical side to this page: it is here where I will announce, for example, when I am not available to take sessions, perhaps because I am travelling or simply taking a break, as well as information about my equipment and implements and new items that I may acquire from time to time.

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Mistress Geo Pinch, professional Bristol dominatrix

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A spate of long sessions

Wed. 31 May 2017

A spate of long sessions

I’ve had a spate of long sessions lately, which is worthy of mention here; I like them because there’s plenty of time to become immersed in intricate scenes, and the visitors like them for the same reasons. My News item of May 19th referring to Drs Strangelove and Frankenstein was one such session: four hours.

The activities conducted during these long sessions are principally bondage and CBT. They make a particularly effective combination, and with some four hours there’s plenty of time to explore, as opposed to one-hour sessions, especially where bondage is concerned, when the tying up is...Read more

A gift of retro-styled gloves

Sat. 27 May 2017

A gift of retro-styled gloves

With this News item I celebrate gloves. In days gone by they were an essential component of a lady’s attire: she wouldn’t step outside without her hat and gloves. Regular readers of my News section will know I have a fondness for this era and for appropriate retro attire. Well, so do some of my faithfuls.

One such faithful (a “special gurl”), who happens to have a weakness for silk scarves, also likes retro gloves and other items, and on his last visit to me he gifted me three pairs of gloves and some scarves. It is two pairs of these gloves you can see in the photos accompanying this piece...Read more

My intellectual property is as important today as it’s always been

Tues. 23 May 2017

Over the last few months I’ve been re-reading many of my past News items in the process of thoroughly revamping certain aspects of my website (regular visitors will know what I’m doing, but I’ve promoted this enough for the time being – those curious should go through the last few pages of my News section and read items that refer to “censorship”, “banned”, “internet ‘filtering’” and the like). As I’ve proceeded, I’ve found many of my previous items of interest – even for me! Some have ongoing relevance, and I’d like to draw your attention to one such item...Read more

Would Dr Strangelove or Dr Frankenstein use a metronome?

Fri. 19 May 2017

Would Dr Strangelove or Dr Frankenstein use a metronome?

For some reason when I look at the second picture I’ve posted here with this item, I think of Dr Strangelove... or at least some kind of mad scientist obsessed with electrical experiments on certain parts of the human anatomy. Or perhaps another mad scientist in the mould of Dr Frankenstein, working on his monster.

Now, far from suggesting any of my faithfuls are “monsters”, I am doing them honour by featuring them in my News section. And they, too, regard it as an honour and are proud to be featured thus (and of course have prior knowledge of, and have consented to, this use of photographic imagery in my...Read more

I’ve revamped my Gallery and made other changes

Mon. 14 May 2017

Throughout April I was busy editing my Gallery images, resulting in an upgrade in the quality of their presentation – something I’ve been meaning to get around to doing for a few years now. Many images have also received new titles and/or captions. These changes have been among a great many I’ve been making to both my main site (this site you are reading now) and my more compact “Bristol” site since January.

You will also notice, for example...Read more

Following up bondage and art with pics of my occasional maid

Tues. 09 May 2017

Following up bondage and art with pics of my occasional maid

In mid April I posted two News items concerning a bondage session that also provided an artist friend of mine with the raw material to produce a new series of drawings. Well, I forgot to mention that this particular faithful – the bondage subject and artist’s “model” – also doubles as an occasional maid of mine.

This maid – “Maid J.” will do for the public domain – typically performs such tasks as cleaning my leather gear and preparing an evening meal. Maid J. is quite a good cook and these evening meals are pleasant occasions.

Now, while on these pages you’ve already seen...Read more

Fresh treats: a Bordeaux and Panamanian dark chocolate

Wed. 03 May 2017

Fresh treats: a Bordeaux and Panamanian dark chocolate

Perhaps it’s the approach of summer and our longer days, but my faithfuls have sensed something in the air and have been, rather wonderfully, bringing me many gifts of exceptional wine. And the latest offering does not disappoint: the pictured Roc de Lussac, from the Lussac Saint-Emilion appellation of the Bordeaux wine region.

This promises to be a good Bordeaux – the 2014 vintage was apparently the best since the excellent and highly prized vintages of 2009 and 2010 (I have a few bottles of a 2009 example aging in my cellar), and this specific Roc de Lussac won...Read more

And now I have a ‘bank-ledger ruler’

Fri. 28 Apr. 2017

And now I have a ‘bank-ledger ruler’

I’d never seen one before. A bank-ledger ruler, that is – and now I actually own one.

I was walking around a local market hall – not in Bristol, but in my old West-Midlands stamping ground – when I spied at one stall this attractive wooden cylinder. I couldn’t resist having a closer look and, of course, picking it up...Read more

An artist’s depiction of my bondage session

Sun. 23 Apr. 2017

An artist’s depiction of my bondage session

A week or so ago I featured in my News section two images from a photo shoot of a genuine bondage session I conducted in my Studio. In this session I explored a great number of different poses and bondage techniques and positions incorporating many “accessories”, such as poles and all sorts of additional restraints.

A driving force of this session – at least in the specific activities...Read more

A faithful presents me with my favourite perfume

Wed. 19 Apr. 2017

A faithful presents me with my favourite perfume

Yves Saint Laurent Rive Gauche has been on my gift list ever since I launched this website at the beginning of 2011; and, I’m delighted to say that every so often one of my lovely faithfuls surprises me with this particular scent. That is, they bring some along with them to their session to present to me in person.

On this occasion the respective faithful also brought along a rather mysterious card; something to do with “genius”. I think he was implying that I might be a genius for identifying that strange, elusive “X” aspect of life that is the...Read more