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This page is designed to keep you informed of my latest news, events concerning myself, and to present items of interest to those who would like to keep in touch with what I get up to here in Bristol and elsewhere. Consider it as an occasional mini-blog, or an extended in-house version of Twitter.

There’s also a practical side to this page: it is here where I will announce, for example, when I am not available to take sessions, perhaps because I am travelling or simply taking a break, as well as information about my equipment and implements and new items that I may acquire from time to time.

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But since you’re here, why not take a look at my news below.

Mistress Geo Pinch, professional Bristol dominatrix

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Gifts from my long-lost Oz nephew

Tues. 08 Nov. 2016

Gifts from my long-lost Oz nephew

I have a number of “long-lost nephews” from Australia – as you would expect. And it’s only natural that after all this time in the UK, some of them would seek me out to become reacquainted. Of course, it’s also not surprising that all of them are rather naughty and require some disciplining...Read more

A taste of Singapore

Fri. 04 Nov. 2016

A taste of Singapore

In my previous News item I mentioned that I’m back in Bristol and wielding the cane, among other implements. Well, among the canes I’ll be wielding will be these latest additions to my collection: a selection of canes from Singapore, chosen by myself...Read more

Wielding the cane (and more) back in Bristol

Mon. 31 Oct. 2016

Those who keep an eye on my News page will be well aware I’ve been travelling for the last six weeks or so. That is now in the past as I am back in Bristol and am picking up the cane once again as of tomorrow, 1 November.

Tuesday 1 November is a day where only my faithfuls are able to see me, as there is not enough time to observe my usual confirmation procedure for newcomers. As for Wednesday 2 November, I am already fully committed, leaving Thursday 3 November as the first day...Read more

One of my images has been likened to a Caravaggio

Tues. 25 Oct. 2016

One of my images has been likened to a Caravaggio

Compliments come and go, but some stand out. One such stand-out compliment is having one of my gallery images likened to a Caravaggio. This appealed to my artistic appreciation, Michelangelo Merisi da Caravaggio (1571–1610) being one of the great Italian masters of the early Baroque period. Respected as a painter in his time, his unruly life led him into trouble time after time and he was soon forgotten after his death, his importance on the influence of modern painting only discovered in the 20th century.

Now, although I am aware of a certain drama in some of my...Read more

The things you find in a charity shop...

Wed. 19 Oct. 2016

The things you find in a charity shop...

You can imagine my surprise when I walked into one of my favourite local charity shops in Bristol and saw this Ann Summers “stress willy”. Actually, you can probably imagine the surprise of most customers... Needless to say, I purchased it, willingly handing over the trifling amount on the price tag, in the process sparing little old ladies with blue-rinse hair some embarrassment (but then, perhaps we shouldn’t jump to conclusions)...Read more

I am currently travelling overseas

Fri. 14 Oct. 2016

It’s a quaint old term, isn’t it, “travelling overseas”. However, that is what I am doing right now, which obviously means I am unavailable for sessions until my return to Bristol at the end of October.

I usually travel internationally every year, but this year it’s a little earlier than usual. To get to the point, the important date to remember is that my first day of sessioning back at my premises in Bristol – for my faithfuls, that is – will be Tuesday 1 November; regulars can contact me by email to book in advance and may confirm on Monday 31 October for any date beginning from Tuesday 1st. Newcomers can call me on Monday 31st to discuss interests and to make appointments from Wednesday 2 November...Read more

Champagne, chocolate, and a well-roasted bottom

Sun. 18 Sept. 2016

Champagne, chocolate, and a well-roasted bottom

Connoisseurs of fine French champagne and chocolate surely know that the perfect accompaniment to these delicacies is a well-caned bottom. Thus does one of my faithfuls agree entirely with my view of the finer things in life, as evidenced by the two pics you can see here. This particular faithful’s bottom was, in fact, more than merely well-caned as it was also spanked and paddled: it was, indeed, a well-roasted bottom.

My new, over-the-knee cane was also pressed into service during this session, and it was a combination of implement and technique that...Read more

Two important announcements

Mon. 29 Aug. 2016

As regular visitors to my News page would know, and as my faithfuls will certainly know, I travel internationally for an extended period every year. This year I am travelling earlier than usual, in September and October; a little more precisely, from mid-September to the end of October.

Accordingly, my last session day before I travel will be Wednesday 21 September.

And my first session day after I return to Bristol will be Tuesday 1 November.

The second important announcement is that I am phasing out my email address in favour of my gmail address, which is: more

Roundup: my CP demo at SWAMP

Sat. 20 Aug. 2016

Roundup: my CP demo at SWAMP

As many (if not most) of you would know, I conducted a corporal-punishment demonstration at SWAMP last Sunday. Much fun was had by all at this demo, named “Oz & Taff take on the English Vice”.

“Oz” is a reference to myself, and “Taff” refers to Random One, the House mistress at SWAMP, who is Welsh: for this demo I partnered with Random One as co-host.

All the demo bunnies got to experience the “Sting of the Tawse, bite of...Read more

Addendum: further on my new canes...

Thurs. 11 Aug. 2016

Since canes are so important in the history and contemporary practice of corporal punishment (CP), I thought a follow-up on my last item would not be inappropriate.

The canes you can see in the photo with the last item, My new selection of canes, from a vendor of quality, were carefully chosen after spending more than an hour at the Quality Control stand at the BBB. The photograph shows my new canes from left to right:...Read more