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This page is designed to keep you informed of my latest news, events concerning myself, and to present items of interest to those who would like to keep in touch with what I get up to here in Bristol and elsewhere. Consider it as an occasional mini-blog, or an extended in-house version of Twitter.

There’s also a practical side to this page: it is here where I will announce, for example, when I am not available to take sessions, perhaps because I am travelling or simply taking a break, as well as information about my equipment and implements and new items that I may acquire from time to time.

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Mistress Geo Pinch, professional Bristol dominatrix

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A beer with Madonna-like attitude

Tues. 20 Jun. 2016

A beer with Madonna-like attitude

I was at one of my favourite Bristol eateries recently when, whilst at the bar perusing the offerings I couldn’t help but notice one particular beer that really stood out from the others. There were a few choice ales on tap, and the one I’m referring to had a unique piece of artwork adorning the pump.

I made enquiries at the bar and was told it was hand-drawn by the chef, who clearly is on friendly terms with the brewers. And who are these illustrious brewers? It is the New Bristol Brewery, and I believe it was founded by two brothers; and, it is indeed a relatively new...Read more

Alluring but mysterious artwork

Thurs. 16 Jun. 2016

Alluring but mysterious artwork

I happen to have a bric-a-brac and vintage-wares emporium close at hand to Pinch HQ, and I do like to drop by every now and then to see what they have on offer. On one recent occasion I spied two rather striking prints of what looked like charcoal drawings. Both appear to depict scenes from the 1920s or 30s, and of course I could not resist a purchase.

The first two images here show the prints in their entirety; both were mounted and framed in exactly the same way. The third pic shows detail from the bottom of the second piece, where they are playing...Read more

This must be my kind of inn

Sat. 11 Jun. 2016

This must be my kind of inn

I can’t say I’m familiar with it, but I like the name of this particular pub and I couldn’t resist taking a photo. It’s fairly local to me, and it looks rather traditional, and I can’t help wondering whether “six-of-the-best” is on the menu. One could possibly imagine that it would be, even if only for a joke. Perhaps I should suggest it to the landlord (I could even offer to donate some canes, paddles and other implements); perhaps, in this post-Fifty Shades of Grey world, such a suggestion would be well received... Well, we can live in hope, can’t we.

Now, in case some readers get the wrong impression...Read more

When going shopping with the maid...

Tues. 07 Jun. 2016

When going shopping with the maid...

My special maid and I often go shopping together – all sorts of shopping, that is, including the occasional grocery shop, just to provide some variety amongst all the searching for nail polish, stockings, shoes and handbags.

Well, on this particular occasion, the most recent of our joint expeditions, I decided to make good my threat (or promise) to handcuff the maid to the trolly. That, I did, and said trolly and maid became the best of friends – inseparable, they were...

So the maid got to do trolly duties, and I must say she/he...Read more

’Tis the season for session reports

Wed. 01 Jun. 2016

’Tis the season for session reports

You don’t have to wait for Christmas to be jolly if you happen to be one of my faithfuls who has just had a particularly memorable session in my Studio or Domestic Room. In such cases, it’s always the season to be jolly (even if the “jolliness” comes in the aftermath at home, or wherever).

So, after just featuring another session report from my Mr Lost in Space, I now present a session report from my “Sore-bottomed Nephew” after...Read more

A faithful offers a ‘report’ on his session in my Studio

Thurs. 26 May 2016

Some of my faithfuls are faithful in more ways than one: they can be faithful to a duty they set themselves to record their experiences in writing and send the result of their pen to me.

One of these faithfuls should by now be familiar to regular readers of my News page. See if you can guess who it is before you reach half-way.

Dear Mistress Geo,

I anticipated being in for a challenging time when I called you the day prior to our recent meeting as you told me that you would get the safe word, RED, from me during the forthcoming severe CP session. Given the last, and only, time you got me to cry out this primary colour...Read more

Courtesy of my faithfuls, my wine cellar is thriving

Sat. 21 May 2016

Courtesy of my faithfuls, my wine cellar is thriving

Since my faithful Boot-thing featured in my News item of May 7th, I thought it fitting to follow up in the same month with an item that highlights a gift he presented to me the time before his last visit.

The gift is this bottle of fine French wine that you can see in the picture. I am, of course, saving it for a special occasion.

And what could better precede this fine red than a bottle of fine champagne. Fortunately, that can be catered to as well, courtesy of another one of my visitors who brought along the bottle of Lanson that you can also see in the accompanying picture, relieved of the confines of its box...Read more

Another night at the circus

Mon. 16 May 2016

Another night at the circus

Back in October 2012 I had the pleasure to attend a world-class circus performance presented by Bristol’s The Invisible Circus. That was The Happiness Machine, and I reviewed it in glowing terms because the sold-out show was worth every penny. So last Saturday night I attended their latest show, The House of Illusion, with great expectations (respects to Charles Dickens, which is not inappropriate).

I am delighted to say I was not disappointed with either the performance or the venue, which both promised much and were suitably, well, Dickensian. The House of Illusion consisted of many short sketches – or “stage vignettes”...Read more

Celebrating a pioneering photographer

Thurs. 12 May 2016

This week I’ve had the pleasure to see the documentary film on Robert Mapplethorpe, the controversial and pioneering American photographer who is credited with having photography accepted as a fine art.

The film is Mapplethorpe: Look at the Pictures (USA, 2015), and I thoroughly recommend it to anyone interested in art, in photography, in gay history, in BDSM... Yes indeed, BDSM. That was one of the main reasons Mapplethorpe was controversial: many of his images...Read more

Lost in Space makes a Studio appearance

Tues. 03 May 2016

Lost in Space makes a Studio appearance

From time to time I post pictures of real sessions in my Studio; this is done with the knowledge and permission of participants, indeed sometimes with their pleading with me to do so. For some, it is an honour.

So it is with my faithful “Mr Lost in Space”...Read more