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This page is designed to keep you informed of my latest news, events concerning myself, and to present items of interest to those who would like to keep in touch with what I get up to here in Bristol and elsewhere. Consider it as an occasional mini-blog, or an extended in-house version of Twitter.

There’s also a practical side to this page: it is here where I will announce, for example, when I am not available to take sessions, perhaps because I am travelling or simply taking a break, as well as information about my equipment and implements and new items that I may acquire from time to time.

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But since you’re here, why not take a look at my news below.

Mistress Geo Pinch, professional Bristol dominatrix

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Two new Kooboo canes

Sun. 20 Feb. 2011

A certain well-known Bristol-based adult-“skoolboi” – the none other than the one-and-only Skoolboi John – has actually been a very good 50-something-year-old lad of late by delivering to me two beautiful new Kooboo canes he purchased on my behalf from cane sellers Bruce and Carol. (“SBJ”, as he has affectionally been known on the scene for decades, especially in the South West, is well known for his beloved roleplay persona.)

Of course I had to try out my new purchases on his willing bottom when he delivered...Read more

A rewarding time in London

Tues. 15 Feb. 2011

My weekend visit to London ended up as no business and all pleasure, which is very fine by me.

First of all, Saturday afternoon saw me at the Alison Jacques Gallery, where Robert Mapplethorpe: Night Work was being presented in the two separate gallery spaces in Berniers Street. Well worth a visit, and great to see a small selection of original Mapplethorpe photographs in a gallery setting...Read more

IMPORTANT: London dates have changed

Wed. 09 Feb. 2011

I will now be in London this weekend, Saturday and Sunday 12–13 February, only. I will not be in London on Friday 11th as initially planned and announced earlier.

I will now be available for appointments in Bristol as usual this Friday, 11 February.

Mistress Geo

New Bath munch gets off to a roaring start

Fri. 04 Feb. 2011

I had an enjoyable social Thursday evening last night at the first Kinky Bath munch, which was a great opportunity to meet new like-minded people and see some familiar faces too.

Congratulations to PapaNoir for organising a great event: a good venue with our own private space in the functions room upstairs; a well-structured event with time to chat, followed by SM leathers...Read more

REMINDER: I will be in London 11 February to 13 February inclusive

Sat. 05 Feb. 2011

I will not be available for appointments in Bristol on these days: 11 February to 13 February inclusive.

Mistress Geo

A night at the theatre

Sun. 30 Jan. 2011

I love going to the theatre, especially when I have a delicious meal beforehand and continue to sip my glass of wine whilst actually in the intimate, cosy theatre environment watching the play.

Touch, by Bristol-based playwright Steve Lambert and which I saw at the Alma Theatre (last night was its last at the Alma), was such an occasion...Read more

London dates confirmed

Sat. 29 Jan. 2011

Arrangements have been made and I can confirm that I’ll be in London from Friday 11 February to Sunday 13 February. I’ll be available for appointments at my Bristol premises, as usual, up to and including Thursday 10 February, and from Monday 14 February.

Mistress Geo

Mistress Geo will be in London the weekend of 12–13 February

Mon. 24 Jan. 2011

Yes, I will be in London on the weekend of 12–13 February for a good friend’s birthday. The exact dates that I’ll be away from Bristol are not confirmed, but I will also be away either Friday 11th or Monday 14th, or possibly even both, depending on client bookings. One of my London-based clients has already taken advantage of my presence in the capital...Read more

Whips and Twitter

Sat. 22 Jan. 2011

It’s always good to keep one’s whipping arm in shape, and to practice cracking the leather, but it’s not always easy to do so in cold or wet weather. So thanks once again to RR for organising an indoor venue for practicing on our whips in comfort earlier today, for those in the Bristol scene who like to mix a bit of socialising with keeping up our skills...Read more

Building a new website from scratch is a long haul

Thurs. 20 Jan. 2011

The long haul is over... my new website is finally up and running. Months of preparing, months of work; so much to consider and coordinate. So much writing, reviewing, editing, and revising yet again. Photo shoots, test shoots, botched shoots, editing of images. A hands-on approach to the site design was required to get the result I wanted...Read more