For those who think I’m severe, think again – it could be worse!

Wed. 21 Nov. 2012

I might be capable of dishing out some heavy-duty punishment in a variety of forms, but I’m sure I have nothing on the God of Death, as observed at one particular Buddhist temple in Thailand. He does look fearsome, so I dare say that you, my dear reader, would prefer to face me in my studio for a thorough session than to front up to this fellow... Of course you would now, wouldn’t you.

But the God of Death wasn’t all: inside the temple, on one wall, was a rather exquisite depiction of hell. I do like such things, it keeps one on one’s toes now, doesn’t it! Once again, I think serving time in my studio would be a preferable option compared with this fantastical place that is depicted on the temple wall, where, I would think, the option not to participate in what might be described as "extreme edge-play” does not seem to be an option. In my studio, at least, all activities are mutually consensual, and all limits are respected!


Mistress Geo

PS: Reminders

I’m currently travelling overseas and am not available for sessions for another three weeks. I will be back in Bristol with full resumption of normal sessioning as of Tuesday 11 December.

Geo Pinch, professional Bristol mistress