My policy on same-day bookings

Sun. 20 Oct. 2013

In response to a recent increase in enquiries and requests for same-day bookings, I thought it best to dedicate a News item to setting out my policy in some detail. So, this is it.

Firstly, I must say that despite this recent spate of enquiries, same-day bookings in my broader experience are a rarity as the majority of kinksters that come to visit me enjoy the build-up to our session, which is usually measured in a period of days, but sometimes weeks or even longer. This is especially the case if they are travelling some distance or from overseas.

For myself, I prefer time to prepare and to achieve the right ambiance for each session. This entails not only a physical ambiance, with choice of implements and equipment and arrangement of studio or domestic space, but also making sure the right psychological ambiance prevails in the session.

However, in the real world of life and work, a visitor’s schedule can sometimes change at short notice, resulting in a call to me to request a same-day visit at short notice. Now, I am a busy lady, and occasionally I can deal with regulars at short notice (lucky kinkster!). Unfortunately, I am often unable to accommodate such requests, resulting in an alternative day further down the track being pencilled into my diary for their appointment.

While I do make every effort to accommodate same-day requests from my regulars – that is, those with a proven, reliable record of attendance – I do not, as a matter of policy, accept same-day session bookings from first-time enquirers. So, to avoid disappointment for a first-time session with me, prospective visitors need to book at least a day in advance. And I always require an additional confirmation by telephone after the initial booking. In fact, I do recommend 48-hours’ notice in making a time for a session with me to avoid disappointment.

My policy on same-day session requests is also set out on my Questions? page.

Mistress Geo