The finer points of ‘I do not do...’

Fri. 29 Nov. 2013

Most of the new enquiries I receive for sessions, and most of the ongoing communications I have with those who have visited me, are appropriate in terms of displaying courtesy and an acquaintance with the considerable amount of information presented on this website.

However, I have found it necessary, once in a while, to issue reminders of certain boundaries and policies that I maintain – my professional modus operandi, if you like. In particular, I find it necessary at this time to emphasise some of the finer points of what I do not do.

These points are:

- I do not offer sexual services of any kind, and this includes strap-on play and “forced bi”; those seeking these activities as part of forced femme or “sissification” sessions should look elsewhere.

- I do not do remote domming. This includes text messaging as much as by telephone, email and internet, or webcam.

- I do not do videos or allow video to be “filmed” at my premises; I also do not participate in any video material and I do not offer any video material in any form or by any means.

- I do not do ball-busting because I regard it as the poor cousin of CBT that any unskilled and careless person can engage in, and it is in any case a practice that carries too much risk of inflicting serious physical harm simply because of the lack of precise control involved in the practice.

- I do not do breath play (also known as asphyxiation play) because it is dangerous.

- I do not do brats or bratty behaviour outside of actual session time.

- While I work hard to deliver a rewarding, even memorable, session, I do not tolerate topping from the bottom.

The most basic rule of my communication is the period during which I take phone calls: from 10am to 8pm Monday to Saturday. Outside of these hours my phone is either on silent or turned off; even if I notice a call coming in outside of these hours, I am most unlikely to answer it.

If you are not already familiar with the way I deal with short-notice session requests, you might also like to read My policy on same-day bookings. Similarly, if you are interested in sessions shorter than my usual minimum of one hour, then you will want to look at my Q&A re Can I book half-hour sessions?

For full details on contacting me, please visit my Contact page; but, in a nutshell, as I have clearly written on that page: is a professionally constructed website and great care has been taken in providing all the information you need to decide whether my style of domination, the scenarios and activities I offer, and my premises, are conducive to your requirements. Therefore, please read the relevant sections of this site carefully before contacting me.

Mistress Geo

Geo Pinch, professional Bristol mistress