Iím honoured with a portrait by renown fetish artist Sardax

Fri. 04 Apr. 2014

A delicious conspiracy concerning me was hatched a short time ago; it was concocted by my special maid in collaboration with the London-based, internationally renown fetish artist, Sardax. If you take an interest in fetish and BDSM art and culture you have probably heard of him.

I first encountered his art in Secret magazine (no. 26) in 2005 and Iíve been an admirer ever since. I bought The Art of Sardax at Bristolís Swamp market in 2006, and I bought his Venus in Furs last year. The latter book is not only illustrated by Sardax, but is also his translation from the German.

But I digress. My maid conspired with Sardax to have the artist draw my portrait, and the product of many weeks of silent conspiracy came to fruition when my special maid presented me with the portrait in Sardaxís trademark, and very accomplished, pen-and-ink style. The work is A3 size, so itís quite substantial. I was wholly taken aback Ė but in the most positive way possible.

The setting for the portrait, as you can see from the accompanying image of said portrait, is indoors, in a grand Victorian-style manor house; the male-slave carvings adorning the sofa and the staircase banister feature CBT motifs Ė CBT is for ďcock-and-ball tormentĒ, my specialty and favourite activity (NB: due to a new wave of moral panic in the UK, as of 2017 I no longer use the traditional ďTĒ word for CBT, instead employing ďtormentĒ). Thatís my special maid doing the dusting, wearing her floral PVC apron and pink leather collar (you have to take my word for it that it is pink). Iím wearing my favourite (real-life) killer heels and my favourite (real-life) necklace. And sitting next to me on the sofa is my cat. Iíve just commented to Sardax that he seems to have shaved a few pounds from my figure and added them to my cat! (And now sheís telling me she wants to be fed more so she can live up to her portrait.)

The other pic below shows me proudly displaying my original Sardax portrait in my domestic room, where the artwork will be hung after framing. Keen observers will note that Iím wearing the same evocative necklace and four-strap stilettos that Iím depicted as wearing in the portrait. I have on the sofa my two Sardax books, mentioned above.

A feature image of this prized possession is at the head of my Image gallery on this, my main site, and itís also on the front page of my Bristol site (feature image plus one of the rotating banners) with a separate short news item. And it has become my avatar for my Fetlife profile.

Mistress Geo