A bird in the hand...

Thurs. 29 Dec. 2016

We all know the old saying, don’t we, “A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush”. Well (and apologies in advance for the profusion of clichés), in this case I get the best of both worlds – you can see that I have a “bird” in (or, more precisely, on) the hand, and two still in the bush... You can probably guess what the bird is, and exactly what “two birds” are in what kind of bush.

At least, there would normally be a bush, but for my style of CBT, all “bushes” have to be pruned. This brings us to the point of this scenario: here in these four pics you can see one of my most popular (and complex) Fred Pinch CBT devices in action. This is the Nutcracker Suite in C Major – an ingenious device that holds and squeezes the “two birds” between acrylic plates that are tightened by the two large (aluminium wheel-like) knobs on either side of the appendage in question.

The “C Major” of the Nutcracker Suite is the short acrylic bar across the top of the appendage, which can be screwed down ever-more-tightly on said appendage with the use of my personal gold-plated allen key (a gift from my special maid to lift the application of CBT out of the realm of everyday tools).

This device, like a number of other Fred Pinch devices, has attachment points for stainless-steel weights to be added to the delicious CBT cocktail. All devices are precision engineered by hand by the notorious Mr Pinch himself, and are of stainless steel, aluminium and acrylic with variously brushed and polished finishes. In other words, they are works of art and things of beauty as much as practical, and very effective, CBT devices.

These photos are of a session in my Studio, where my St Andrews cross is combined with rope bondage and a leather sleep sack for the CBT: immobilisation and constriction are complete!

Now, as you all should know by now, the UK government recently passed laws to censor and “cleanse” the internet, thus I am forced to self-censor certain images, which I have in fact been doing for a while. In the new year I might even go over all my website images and simply delete any that might still fall foul of the new censorship regime. I’ve written about this looming situation – which has now arrived – for some time. You can catch up on what’s been going on by following this link to my most recent News item that deals with these troublesome matters: Important: images showing marks left by CP are ‘likely’ to be banned.

Mistress Geo

PS: I am sessioning as usual over this festive season – a rare event for me. However, I will be travelling in the middle of January: from 10 January to 19 January 2017. I might be able to accommodate a session on the morning/early afternoon of Tuesday 10 January, but otherwise I envisage my last session day before departure to be 9 January; first day of sessioning upon my return will be Friday 20 January.