Suspended and swinging in a leather catsuit

Tues. 03 Jan. 2017

The pictures accompanying this News item are from a session in my Studio, and it was something of a leather affair: my visitor was clad in my leather catsuit and suspended in a swing-like arrangement of my heavy-duty leather straps.

Now, when I say the leather catsuit is mine, I mean that I own it for the use of visitors to my Studio; it fits males of smaller stature and females of medium stature. The catsuit is perfect for objectifying the subject because, whether they are male or female, they are completely encased in leather with their nipples and nether regions exposed. Thus you can see it is well suited for my Studio, with removable panels over these strategic areas – and in these pics you can see this feature put to good use with nipple suctions and said nether regions well exposed.

In the final two pics you can see my hand delivering stinging sensations with my violet wand to the exposed bits with the aid of a special flogger-like attachment for the wand, which conducts electricity through its metal tails. This attachment works via a cord that has a connection pad that sits snuggly against the subject’s skin for contact, leaving both my hands free to use the electrified metallic-tailed mini flogger. It can be exhilarating for the recipient, to say the least.

And completing this “leather affair” are matching restraints and blindfold; one must not underestimate the aesthetic affect of colour coordination!

As always, these pics are used with the prior knowledge and consent of the very-willing subject. The last three pics in this series are censored by myself in accordance with my policy of some time now, ever since the UK government announced its intention to introduce internet censorship and to sanction – that is, effectively ban – sites that do not comply with its narrow interpretation of “objectionable content”. If you don’t know much about this situation, of how the UK is taking the lead of China and North Korea, you can catch up by following this link to my most recent News item that deals with these appalling matters: Important: images showing marks left by CP are ‘likely’ to be banned.

Mistress Geo

PS: As mentioned previously, I am – a rarity for me – sessioning as usual over the festive season and through January. However, I will be travelling for a little more than a week in the middle of January 2017: from the 10th to the 19th. I might be able to fit in a session on the morning of next Tuesday 10 January; otherwise, my last sessioning day before departure will be Monday the 9th. My first session day after my return will be Friday 20 January.