When is a bare bottom okay to display?

Sat. 07 Jan. 2017

The two pictures you see here depict one of my faithfuls in my Domestic Room; what you see laying on his back are the canes I used in this session. As is the norm, these pics are used with the prior knowledge and consent of the willing subject.

Now, the images accompanying this News item are tame by any standard: anyone would have to admit they would see more – a lot more – at a naturists’ camp or a nudists’ beach. In fact, it might not be too long before this type of imagery represents the cutting edge of “erotic” imagery that will be viewable in the United Kingdom. I’ve gone on about this quite a bit here on my News page, and I provide a link to a relevant article below.

Regular readers will know I’ve been self-censoring images for some time, and some might wonder why these two here are not also censored. Well, in this case, the pictures are not particularly good-quality ones, which works in my favour because “marks left by CP” are not visible – and this is the point. For a fuller explanation of why these two images do not need censoring, and to see an example of a censored bottom, please read my News item Important: images showing marks left by CP are ‘likely’ to be banned. However, the time may – or, probably, will – come when even these two images will be banned.

Mistress Geo

PS: I am usually away travelling at this time of year, so those who have visited me from late December to now have been fortunate. However, for 10 days beginning next week, I will be absent: from Tuesday the 10th to Thursday 19th I will be unavailable for sessions. I might be able to fit in a session on the morning of next Tuesday the 10th; otherwise, my last sessioning day before departure will be Monday 9 January. My first session day after my return will be Friday 20 January. My usual policies and procedures for booking a session will apply throughout this period: see my Contact page for details.