While I知 away: A flattering poem from a faithful

Sun. 15 Jan. 2017

I知 still travelling on the Continent, but I thought I壇 share something special I致e been keeping up my sleeve for a while a poem dedicated to myself by one of my well-established faithfuls. Some of you may remember him: 溺r Lost in Space. He痴 featured in my News section quite a few times already; he痴 even written poems for me before (I値l provide links to some previous items below).

Well, this time my Lost in Space has outdone himself, so, without further ado...

Choosing a South West Dominatrix, let me give you a hand

She痴 cautious, contriving and very conscientious, A straight talking lady who痴 never pretentious, With well equipped premises near Bristol痴 M32, She comes from a country where the clue痴 kangaroo.

If you choose to visit this lady, you値l be completely drawn in, A great listener who won稚 judge you, before sessions begin, Who is this dominatrix, I guess readers might ask, I値l reveal her name when it痴 time to unmask.

Initial encounter was somewhat by chance, Scrutinising websites, with more than a glance, I needed experience, understanding, perfection, Domination combined with the strictest correction.

For discerning clients seeking a quality Domme, Whose comportment and refinement are truly aplomb, I recommend to you a lady of decorum and grace, But once in her role you値l be put in your place.

A charismatic lady, I hope you値l concur, I trust the lines you have read don稚 alarm or deter, No matter your background, it really matters little, My advice is be courteous or youwillbe belittled.

This Australian dominatrix certainly stands out from the rest, An obvious choice among the Domme痴 from south west, In fact, choosing this lady was effortlessly a cinch, The accomplished dominatrix isMistress Geo Pinch.

The bold-italics at the end is in the original, as submitted by Mr Lost in Space. Now, for those who are interested, these two links will take you to key previous News items that feature Lost in Space: Some funky wine and a hand-written letter; and, Mr Lost in Space.

Mistress Geo

PS: I am currently travelling and am unavailable for sessions until Friday 20 January. My usual policies and procedures for booking a session apply, but while I知 travelling please only contact me by email as I知 not using my phone whilst abroad. See my Contact page for further details.