I have begun the wholesale censoring of this website

Sun. 22 Jan. 2017

I see what I do as a medium of self-discovery, freedom, liberation, and even therapy; I do not regard any of my photographic images as pornography. I do not sell images or anything else online; I have never contemplated making or participating in any kind of video at all, and my website has always had the most stringent “age self-verification” systems and terms-and-conditions in place short of a paid membership or subscription site. Yet all of this is probably no longer good enough under the UK’s Digital Economy Bill, which will come into effect shortly, probably within months. Thus, sadly, I have stepped up my process of self-censoring images on this site, which I have already been applying in smaller doses since 2015.

Anyone visiting my image gallery will immediately see the effects of this process: I am deleting altogether images that may possibly cause problems with those who want to turn back the clock 40-odd years. However, rather than replacing images with “less offensive” ones (which would also be a lot of extra work), I’ve chosen to simply replace them with one of two generic “CENSORED” graphics I created some time ago that I used with some of my News items when I first started writing about the censorial moves that were afoot. The “CENSORED” graphics make no attempt to hide what is going on; although the North Korean and Chinese governments might not like this in their own jurisdictions, I think it’s probably acceptable here in the UK, as long as the “offensive” imagery is no longer available for viewing.

In a few cases I have been able to tone down or edit some images that can be, shall I say, “salvaged”, but these are in a minority and outright deletion is the rule of thumb. Part of the problem is that, like the “extreme pornography law”, exactly what will be effectively banned and what will require a stringent electronic age-verification system is still unsure. I offer my apologies especially to those of my faithfuls whose images have been deleted or edited – these are people who allow me to use photos from my sessions in full knowledge and consent and who regard it as an honour for me to do so. For an introduction to what is happening re the new censorship in the UK, please read my News item Important: images showing marks left by CP are ‘likely’ to be banned. And for a recent item from the Sex and Censorship campaign that will bring you up to date on where we are in this sorry story, see Will the BBFC block Whores of Yore, a sex work history site?

Mistress Geo