Restraint and the end of an era

Thurs. 26 Jan. 2017

The picture accompanying this News item is from one of my real-life sessions in my Studio. The photo was taken, and is used here on my News page, with the full prior knowledge and consent of the subject, who is one of my faithfuls. This is always the case when it comes to photos from my sessions.

This particular picture shows the faithful bound to my St Andrew’s Cross using leather restraints and rope: it is very effective. At least, you can essentially still see what’s going on despite my censoring of the image – you can “get the picture”, so to speak (except for the CBT that is also applied).

Now, restraint and CBT go quite well together, and I’m very practiced at it. I would now, wouldn’t I, considering these are among my principal specialities (especially CBT, using unique, hand-engineered Fred Pinch devices).

Unfortunately, this will be the last image of its type that I post with a News item, even in severely censored form. This is what I mean by “the end of an era”. If you don’t know what’s happening with UK law and state internet censorship, then please read my previous News item: I have begun the wholesale censoring of this website (there are further links contained in this item).

Mistress Geo