McHurt’s shop: a good place to spend a chilly Berlin afternoon

Tues. 31 Jan. 2017

Those who keep themselves up-to-date with my activities will know I travelled to the Continent a couple of weeks ago for ten days or so. Whilst in Berlin (one of my favourite cities, I must say), I took the opportunity to visit the McHurt store. If you haven’t heard of McHurt, then allow me to correct that.

McHurt is a small German company that designs, makes and sells high-quality BDSM equipment and accessories, perhaps with an emphasis – at least to my mind – on CP implements and “bondage wear”, predominantly in leather. And when I say “high quality”, I really do mean high quality: there is no comparison between the thoughtfully designed and beautifully finished McHurt items and the sorry excuses for equipment that one all too often encounters at assorted fetish markets and online, at least here in the UK. It’s a matter of professionalism versus amateurs. I’ve owned a number of McHurt CP implements for some time and I relished the chance to peruse the shop. Needless to say my collection of McHurt implements grew quite a lot as a result, with a substantial purchase transpiring on that chilly Berlin afternoon.

I met McHurt’s charming founder and manageress, and we had quite a chat. I particularly remember the story she told me of one domme who bought a bondage harness of some description and matching leash, and promptly applied it to her accompanying sub and walked him straight out the shop and along the street to the local U-Bahn station.

But I digress. Pia started McHurt in 2008, deliberately adopting a name that reflects a focus on “the English Vice” (with Scottish flair). It was at first an online shop only, but expanded in 2009 to the current physical shop and combined office, stock-storage and mail-order dispatching space. It’s a very cosy environment, and, like the merchandise on offer, impeccably set up and presented. The shop actually maintains a very discrete presence on a street corner in south-west Kreuzberg, a short walk from the U-Bahn line 6 station at Platz der Luftbrücke.

Now, the first three photographs here, taken on my phone, will give you just a hint of the Aladdin’s Cave that is the McHurt shop (taken with permission). The second three pics display my McHurt collection, beginning with the new items I bought in Berlin. The gag’s ball is made of medical silicon – a cut above the usual low-grade plasticky-rubbery thing (and of course the strap is leather); the hood has a blindfold sewn into it, which makes it very efficient for sight deprivation (and the mouth cutout makes for easy breathing). The wooden shoe horn is, in my hands, used as an effective implement of CP.

To see the McHurt website, here is their link: McHurt, Berlin. I was told a new site is well into development and should be launched mid-February.

Mistress Geo