A new visitor brings me a good red from Argentina

Sun. 26 Mar. 2017

It so happens that I attended a wine tasting on Friday evening, as I do tend to like a drop or two (my gift list has been a good indicator of this since my website was launched in January 2011). So, it was with pleasant thoughts that I attended said tasting knowing I would not need to be looking to come home with an exotic malbec: a short time ago a new visitor lost no time getting into my “good books” by bringing with him a bottle of just such a wine, a 2014 Trivento Golden Reserve malbec from Argentina.

Like most Argentinian malbecs, this one is from the Mendoza wine region. Malbec is originally from France, but the Argentinians have made it their own (French malbecs tend to be a little lighter bodied). Other Argentinian malbecs I’ve had from the 2014 vintage have been particularly lovely, so I expect this was a good year for wine over there. I am familiar with the “standard” Trivento malbec, which is very good and readily available, but this Golden Reserve bottling is one I haven’t seen before and it promises to be a cut above, so of course I am looking forward to something special.

Mistress Geo

Tasting report (27 March): Well, the wine featured in this News item didn’t last a very long time... And I can say, unreservedly, that it was excellent. Let me quote from the label on the rear of the bottle: “Hand-selected grapes...are transformed into a concentrated garnet-red wine whose lovely red fruit aromas and silky tannins make way for a flood of sensations on the palate”. I couldn’t have said it better myself.

Geo Pinch, professional Bristol mistress