Would Dr Strangelove or Dr Frankenstein use a metronome?

Fri. 19 May 2017

For some reason when I look at the second picture I’ve posted here with this item, I think of Dr Strangelove... or at least some kind of mad scientist obsessed with electrical experiments on certain parts of the human anatomy. Or perhaps another mad scientist in the mould of Dr Frankenstein, working on his monster.

Now, far from suggesting any of my faithfuls are “monsters”, I am doing them honour by featuring them in my News section. And they, too, regard it as an honour and are proud to be featured thus (and of course have prior knowledge of, and have consented to, this use of photographic imagery in my News section).

The significance of the metronome is that the tick-tock of this instrument interacts with the audio function of the electrical device to create a deviously delightful series of almost-automated sensations for the subject who is wired up and is thus connected to the metronome by sound. The device of course also responds to other sounds, including the very squeals from the wired-up subject! You can imagine my delight at this – and my laughter sets off the device once again...

In the case at hand, we had a four-hour Studio session to play with, and the first pic of a bottle of excellent Argentinian malbec was my faithful’s gift to me in anticipation of an exhilarating time. He wasn’t disappointed, and neither was I.

For those particularly interested in electrics, here are links to some of my previous items on such play: With generosity and much jolliness, I am plied with gifts; A ‘deadly’ combination: my metal mesh + violet wand; Continually adding to my collection of implements; Suspended and swinging in a leather catsuit; Look what the Easter bunny has in store this season.

In update: And here are links to subsequent items on electrical play: A spate of long sessions.

Mistress Geo

PS: The Trivento malbec pictured is a 2014 Golden Reserve – exactly the same as gifted to me in March by a different visitor to my Studio. I wrote an article on it, including a “tasting report” after I’d sampled it. For wine lovers, it might be worth a look: A new visitor brings me a good red from Argentina.