My intellectual property is as important today as it’s always been

Tues. 23 May 2017

Over the last few months I’ve been re-reading many of my past News items in the process of thoroughly revamping certain aspects of my website (regular visitors will know what I’m doing, but I’ve promoted this enough for the time being – those curious should go through the last few pages of my News section and read items that refer to “censorship”, “banned”, “internet ‘filtering’” and the like). As I’ve proceeded, I’ve found many of my previous items of interest – even for me! Some have ongoing relevance, and I’d like to draw your attention to one such item.

Back in 2012 a cheap-and-nasty, then-new “directory” stole my text and images to help populate their site. They did this without my knowledge or permission: they were building their own business at others’ expense, and weren’t even including links to the mistress’ websites whose content they’d stolen. I wasn’t happy, and I let them know this.

As I would expect of such people, there was no satisfactory response or resolution. However, I can now reveal here that I subsequently discovered they had also committed other substantial violations that involved a major UK Internet Service Provider. “Ah-ha!”, I thought, and I took action that was the equivalent of taking to the criminals with a strap-on (without their knowledge or consent!). But they soon did have knowledge of it, because a few days later I went to check their illegal, violating site and it was no longer available, at least not in the UK.

Other directories have done the same since: stolen my website’s content to build their own businesses, and then expect me to be grateful to them for providing me with a new platform (and eventually asking me for money to “upgrade” my status on their contemptible directory-cum-social-media sites). I have never logged in to the accounts they create for me, and indeed I refuse to acknowledge their existence.

I’m very particular about the standard of directory I list with, and the directories I list with have banners on my Links page – if you find a listing for me anywhere else, then it means they’ve listed me without my knowledge or approval, and the more of my content they display means the more they have stolen from my own site (the one you are on now).

Back to my previous News item. The one that prompted me to revisit this issue of stolen content – that is, the theft of my intellectual property and the violation of my copyright – dates from July 2012: Having a gripe: stealing my website content is theft.

Please reflect on these issues, as they are vitally important to small players such as myself.

Mistress Geo