A gift of retro-styled gloves

Sat. 27 May 2017

With this News item I celebrate gloves. In days gone by they were an essential component of a lady’s attire: she wouldn’t step outside without her hat and gloves. Regular readers of my News section will know I have a fondness for this era and for appropriate retro attire. Well, so do some of my faithfuls.

One such faithful (a “special gurl”), who happens to have a weakness for silk scarves, also likes retro gloves and other items, and on his last visit to me he gifted me three pairs of gloves and some scarves. It is two pairs of these gloves you can see in the photos accompanying this piece. The first and fourth shots aim for an artistic touch, showing the gloves from a mirror view; they even include the camera hand of my special maid, who acted as photographer on this occasion. The setting, of course, is my Domestic Room. And, I must say, certain styles of gloves do come in handy as spanking aids...

Those who also have a fondness for gloves might like to have a look at (or revisit) my earlier News items featuring gloves; these are: A big welcome-back to SWAMP; For leather fetishists: my leather gloves; and Pink rubber gloves for my Special Maid.


Mistress Geo