A spate of long sessions

Wed. 31 May 2017

I’ve had a spate of long sessions lately, which is worthy of mention here; I like them because there’s plenty of time to become immersed in intricate scenes, and the visitors like them for the same reasons. My News item of May 19th referring to Drs Strangelove and Frankenstein was one such session: four hours.

The activities conducted during these long sessions are principally bondage and CBT. They make a particularly effective combination, and with some four hours there’s plenty of time to explore, as opposed to one-hour sessions, especially where bondage is concerned, when the tying up is no sooner done than it seems to be time to begin the untying...

Referring back to my Strangelove-and-Frankenstein item, coincidentally, another faithful who’s recently had four-hour sessions with me gave me a bottle of the same Trivento malbec wine as the “Frankenstein” faithful – that’s the one with the strategically positioned metronome, pictured in my item Would Dr Strangelove or Dr Frankenstein use a metronome? (Tip: those especially interested in electrics will be interested in this item.)

And speaking of pictures, while the “Frankenstein” faithful was happy for me to use the picture that went with that News item, the other long-session visitor I’ve mentioned did not want photos taken during the session, so of course his wishes were respected. That’s why with this item I’ve chosen a photo of some of the equipment I used in the session rather than photos of the session itself: my E-Stim A-Box Audio; my E-Stim Series 1 Remote; and a leather cock corset electrics accessory. While I’ve mentioned my E-Stim boxes before, I haven’t mentioned the cock corset: an exquisite accessory for electrical play. It has metal sensor pads on the inside that transmit electric currents to the corseted member. I am able to control the currents and their intensity. It doesn’t break the skin or leave any marks.

Now, an interesting proposition raises its head with those of my faithfuls who like these long, involved sessions: what happens when they get to their loyalty visit? Will they choose a session of eight hours’ duration? That would be quite a session! For those who aren’t aware of this, I introduced my loyalty-card reward system mid-2012 and announced it with these News items: Introducing the Geo Pinch Loyalty Card, and Applied in the flesh: the Geo Pinch Loyalty Card.

As always, there’s much to ponder!

Mistress Geo