Meet me at ‘Meet a Mistress’, the BBB on Sunday 18 June

Fri. 09 Jun. 2017

Everyone in “the Scene” knows about the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar, or, if they don’t, then they should. The BBB, as it is popularly known, has been an institution in the Midlands and, indeed, nationally, for nearly 18 years. I first went in 2005. The BBB is held the third Sunday of every month, and at the next BBB on Sunday 18th June I will be making a guest appearance as host of Meet a Mistress (unofficially known as “Mistress Corner”).

The situation is this: the BBB is a huge fetish–BDSM market with all sorts of traders, vendors, designers and makers set up with stalls offering their wares to all comers. It’s quite an atmosphere, and occupying one section of the floorspace in the VIP area is the section for the guest mistress who is hosting Meet a Mistress for that month – and, for the first time, that mistress will be me!

Nor will I be alone: the notorious Fred Pinch, designer and maker of the exquisite Fred Pinch CBT devices that I use, will be with me the whole day. The two of us will be able to talk the hind legs off a donkey when it comes to CBT, since that’s the principal specialty for both of us. Of course I will be more than willing to talk about any topic that’s within my area of expertise, which is quite substantial (see lists of my specialty activities on my Studio page and my Domestic page).

Here’s what the BBB organisers have to say about this event-within-an-event:

“Meet a Mistress” has proven to be a very, very popular event. We have decided to give you another unique opportunity to sit and chat with a Dominatrix. Do you have questions? Do you have fantasies you aren’t sure if a Mistress would be able to fulfil? Come and ask... Have you been wanting to see a pro-domme but for whatever reason haven’t got around to it? Or do you see a Mistress and just want to bask in her glow. Well here’s your chance for a one-on-one chat. The BBB’s new Dominatrix corner! Come meet a Mistress!

I can also say that it was my former girlie sub, Tara Red, who is well known in the Brum area (and further afield), who started Meet a Mistress not all that long ago.

Now, for the BBB’s full schedule for the day on June 18th, including a blurb on Meet-a-Mistress, see their The Buzz page on the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar website.

I will be at “Mistress Corner” from just after midday to 5pm; I hope to see you there.

Mistress Geo

PS: The image accompanying this item is one I chose for the BBB organisers to promote Meet a Mistress for June. That’s me in action with my Fred Pinch CBT chair.