A pink corset for larger body sizes

Tues. 13 Jun. 2017

From time to time I add articles of attire to my wardrobe not for myself, but for some of those who come to visit me. You can see just such an article of attire in the two pictures accompanying this News item. This very practical undergarment is, of course, a corset, and a very large one at that.

Now, this corset is hardly an extrovert’s fashion item, not least because it’s designed to be a genuine undergarment; in fact, being a vintage item, it’s somewhat dowdy, but it does serve its purpose very well in constraining the midriff and imparting some exaggerated – and therefore rather dramatic – curves to the wearer. In this respect, as an undergarment with a definite pinkish, skin-tone, it is indeed an article of fashion to which bygone years testify. I expect it would be very well suited to larger women and “special gurls” with certain tastes. Of course I can “encourage” such tastes during a visit to my premises...

Speaking of premises, the setting for these pics is my Domestic Room, where you can see my authentic, vintage school desk and chair.

I am only left wondering who will be the first to wear this new article of attire.

Mistress Geo

PS: Reminder

I will be hosting “Meet a Mistress” at the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar this coming Sunday, 18 June. Full details are in my previous News item, Meet me at ‘Meet a Mistress’, the BBB on Sunday 18 June.

Geo Pinch, professional Bristol mistress