Report: Hosting the BBB ‘Meet a Mistress’ event

Tues. 20 Jun. 2017

Those who follow me on my News page, or on Twitter, will be well aware that I hosted Meet a Mistress at the Birmingham Bizarre Bazaar (BBB) on Sunday just gone. The day went well, even if it was a little on the warm side.

I was there not long after 12-noon to start setting up “Mistress Corner”, which is in the VIP section of the BBB on the first (ground, or mezzanine) level of the venue, the Nightingale Club on Kent Street in central Brum. My entourage and I had quite a bit of setting up to do, with four custom-produced prints of Fred Pinch CBT devices in action (the “model” was none other than the notorious Mr Pinch himself), and a large table-full of Fred Pinch CBT devices of all descriptions. I think the display looked particularly effective – or perhaps daunting, depending on your point of view. I especially liked the look of those pieces I had fitted with artificial bits of the relevant human anatomy for a 3D demonstration of how the devices work.

I had a good chat with quite a few people who approached me to discover more about domination and discipline, and also about my specialty practice of CBT. Well, it was a little hard for people to ignore the impressive display.

Mr Pinch braved the heat and had joined me by 1:30pm, and many people took advantage of his vast experience of, and expertise in, CBT. So, thanks to all those who made the effort to talk with us.

It was good to visit the BBB again after around a year and to catch up with many friends I haven’t seen for a while, and the heat reminded me of my first-ever visit to the BBB, in June 2005, when it was the hottest June day in decades (or more). The fan I brought with me certainly helped.

Thanks to the BBB organisers who, as ever, put on the event month after month (for nearly 18 years now).

Mistress Geo