Using the skin as a blank canvas for abstract (CP) art

Mon. 04 Sept. 2017

My, how time flies. It’s been rather busy here at Pinch HQ over the last couple of weeks, and, before I know it, it’s been nearly that long since I posted my last News item... very unusual for me. So without further ado, I present here a glowing example of my handiwork from my Studio, and I hope it helps make up for the absence of new material on this page for almost two weeks.

In the brace of pictures accompanying this item you can see the results of a CP session involving restraint, and it is indeed a glowing example. The implement used to create the mottled effect – rather like rays of sunlight on the ground through the shadow of trees – is the large, perforated, black rubber strap you can see hanging on the mirror to the left. This is a singular implement that is quite thuddy in its application, and in fact has been likened to a Canadian prison strap by a number of my faithfuls who apparently know about these things. Whatever this strap’s provenance, it is particularly adept at creating the aforementioned mottled effects on the skin. All of my faithfuls who experience this mottled effect are impressed – it can at times also resemble a work of abstract art, and is often appreciated as such.

In the second image you can see the reflection of yours truly in the mirror, taking these photos on my phone. As always, all photos are taken and used here on my News page with the prior knowledge and consent of the faithful concerned.

Now, in these pics you will also note that the skin is not broken; the rosy glow will soon fade, and the bottom at hand will return to its usual peachy-cream colour. And that’s all the better for starting over again, creating new patterns on a blank canvas of skin.

Mistress Geo