Improvising a padded foot rest for my spanking bench

Tues. 12 Sept. 2017

I have the occasional visitor who prefers (or needs) a little padding for their feet as they lean over my spanking bench for a dishing-up of the English Vice; it makes leaning over the bench that much easier, especially for shorter people, and helps in presenting the target area at the correct height and angle. It is, altogether, more comfortable for all concerned.

This brings me to a point about the administration of discipline and the BDSM arts: a common perception, especially among those who like to speculate but have never experienced these activities (including, of course, vanilla shock! horror! types), is that such practices are always, or must be, excruciatingly uncomfortable. Not so at all. There is a difference between deliberately inflicted discomfort as part of a scene, and plain, ordinary or everyday-style discomfort that has nothing to do with the scene, such as cramp in the calves from standing on tip-toe for too long. In any case, the spectrum of likes and dislikes, as with behaviour in general, is very wide, and every individual has their own preferences. A wise dominant will work with these preferences to obtain a mutually rewarding result.

Returning to the padded foot rest you can see in the accompanying pic, this is an improvised item I assembled myself from yoga mats and a towel for a recent Studio session; it is, of course finished in Geo-Pinch purple. To see how it would work with a CP session using the spanking bench, please refer to my previous News item, Using the skin as a blank canvas for abstract (CP) art. If you look at the mirror images in that previous item, you’ll see where the foot rest would fit in. The visitor who used the foot rest is a relative newcomer, and there were no photos taken during that session; I only take photos during a session with the prior knowledge and consent of the subject at hand, and then using the photos on my website requires further prior consent.

Mistress Geo