Ensure you have my current email address!

Mon. 18 Sept. 2017

It has come to my attention that some people are having trouble contacting me by email. That is, I’ve received first-hand accounts of email sent to me having “bounced”. The problem appears to be not with my email address, which is a very reliable gmail address, but with the sender not having deleted my previous and now-defunct email address from their contacts, and with their their email software/service/device consequently (and possibly randomly) automatically sending their mail to said defunct address, which was:

This old “mistress-at-geopinch” address was my original professional contact email address for many years, until the provider decided to act like most other big service/utility/whatever providers and treat their customers like passive milking cows: they quadrupled the fee for the email address in two years. They attempted to justify this action by allegedly providing a raft of new “features” that I, for one, did not request, did not need, and would not use. They gave me no choice in the matter, and I didn’t hesitate in terminating their service after 12 months of transitioning to my gmail address (which I’d also always maintained).

Thus, please delete my old address from all your contacts:

Go into whatever email software you use, whatever web-based email services you use, on whatever devices you use, and delete that address. And please ensure that you have my current email address entered in all your contact lists, which is:

Of course I can also be contacted by telephone, 10am to 8pm Monday to Saturday (unless, like anyone else, I am otherwise occupied and cannot attend to my mobile).

In general, I recommend you have a look at my Contact page for full details on the etiquette of contacting.

Mistress Geo