Wax series 1: A figurine worthy of Madame Tussauds

Wed. 25 Oct. 2017

With this News item I am beginning a series of three articles focussing on my artistic experiments with wax play. Alternatively, I could say they are a record of my having fun with wax and willing participants.

The pictures here capture a work in progress. It’s like an oil painting, beginning with the lighter colours and ending with the darkest. And there is no colour darker than black, although technically black is not a colour (neither is white). But we won’t quibble over the technicalities of colour theory.

So here we have white, pink, red, purple and black layered one on top of the other in that order. “Why use black at all?” is perhaps a question that may be asked. The answer is that we have here a representation of black-seamed stockings. “Of course!” I hear you exclaim, because what else could this pattern possibly represent.

To delve deeper into the mysteries of this piece of wax art, I can reveal I had as my artist’s model a “special gurl”, sissified with black-seamed stockings of a different kind: a wax figurine of a singular variety that it would surely be coveted by Madame Tussauds.

I hope you enjoy this first item in my wax series. To go to my previous offerings on wax play, please start with this item, which is about the candles I used for the wax play in this current series: Candles for wax play that come with sound advice for safe use.

Mistress Geo