Wax series 2: A made-for-a-maid pattern

Wed. 01 Nov. 2017

Behold the second in my series on artistic wax play, this time with a made-for-a-maid pattern.

With those opening words, regular readers of my News page may already have guessed that the willing subject in this instance is none other than my special maid, who has featured quite often in my News items.

Why do I regard this particular pattern I created in wax as befitting a maid? It’s because said very pretty pattern is a pink bow “tied” to a white pinafore – it’s obvious, isn’t it? My special maid does, in fact, and not surprisingly, quite often wear a pinnie whilst attending to her/his household duties at my premises.

As you can see by the background to the first pic, wax play is (always) conducted in my Studio. I only use the best-quality candles, made specifically for use with wax play on skin. For information on my candles, see my earlier News item Candles for wax play that come with sound advice for safe use; from here, further links will take you to all my earlier items on wax.

The third item in my wax-play series is coming up next.

Mistress Geo