It’s nice to be naughty – so says one of my faithfuls

Sun. 10 Dec. 2017

I have a particularly special faithful who not only knows of my love of cats, but also understands what CP is all about; he loves playing the game of being deserving as a recipient of CP. Said CP, of course, is delivered by yours truly – moi, Geo Pinch.

So, this faithful often expresses himself in cards to me (along with all manner of other gifts both substantial and small), and this is the subject of this News item, as you can see from the three pictures accompanying it. The last time I saw this faithful – he does not live in the UK – he also brought a lovely bottle of Barossa cabernet sauvignon. The Barossa Valley, in South Australia, is an internationally famous wine region and is probably the giant among all Australian wine regions. I’ve toured it myself, and I would highly recommend a tour to anyone who is interested in wine.

Returning to the subject of CP, the hand-written card in blue ink is fairly typical of this faithful’s approach to sessioning with me, and I have many fond memories of dealing with him. As always, I look forward to his next visit.

Mistress Geo

Important notice: I am travelling overseas from mid-December to the end of January. My last sessioning day for 2017 will be Saturday 23 December, and my first sessioning day in 2018 will be Thursday 1 February.

Geo Pinch, professional Bristol mistress