A dose of colourful Season’s cheer

Fri. 15 Dec. 2017

There’s nothing like a little Xmas cheer, the spirit of the Season captured in a picture. Well, here we have it as a slightly different interpretation, an unusual spin on the perennial themes of this time of year: a rainbow willy warmer, a “Xmas jumper”.

“Of course!” I hear you exclaim, it has all the colour of a fun-filled stocking, something every man should look forward to finding – just for him – after Santa has clawed his way back up the chimney. And it might certainly come in useful since the weather has taken a chilly turn, what with boilers playing up and all, leaving houses with shivering occupants. Well, even the Queen has to keep the crown jewels safe and warm, doesn’t she. So never fear with an undergarment such as this one.

Actually, it’s not necessarily an undergarment, as I’m sure you can discern from the accompanying pic. Now, the lucky wearer of this particular willy warmer is my special maid, and if you look carefully you will be able to see that a cilice is also being worn under her/his stockings, on the left thigh.

As part of a session involving CBT (my principal specialism, as all who peruse my website should know), the rainbow willy warmer adds a good dash of colour and vitality and is perhaps a fitting reminder of the freedoms we are still able to enjoy but that are under threat as 2017 draws to a close.

Mistress Geo

PS: I have two elaborations on the News item text above: firstly, knowing my faithfuls, they would more likely be visited by Santa’s horned counterpart, Krampus, who, far from bringing gifts for good behaviour, would administer his worst (somewhat like myself, although I daresay even I am not that scary...). As ever, see Wikipedia for an introduction to Krampus. Secondly, if you are in the dark regarding my reference to “freedoms we are still able to enjoy but that are under threat as 2017 draws to a close”, see my series of items beginning with ‘Extreme porn’ and internet censorship. Merry Christmas!

Important notice: I am travelling overseas from mid-December to the end of January. My last sessioning day for 2017 will be Saturday 23 December, and my first sessioning day in 2018 will be Thursday 1 February.

Geo Pinch, professional Bristol mistress