Waxing lyrical on the Argentinian flag

Sat. 30 Dec. 2017

In this final News item of 2017 I present to you my latest work in wax: the Argentinian flag. Of course you already knew that, didn’t you: one brief glimpse at the thumbnail revealed said flag, surely.

However, for those who did not see the Argentinian flag I will spare the cane; my compassion and mercy at this time of year should be manifest.

There are also practical reasons for my compassion and mercy: in the interests of fairness, I have to admit my rendition of colour is limited by the palette of my candles, therefore I could only do my best to recreate the Argentinian flag. Crucially, I didn’t have the sky blue of the flag, only a darker blue, but the yellow wax does a good job of the flag’s golden-yellow “Sun of May”, which, incidentally, has 32 rays alternating 16 wavy and 16 straight (now that would be too much to ask to replicate in wax, although I did attempt it).

You can see by the three images here that I had some practice, including on one particularly difficult canvas. I’ve worked with other similar canvases, and these are also represented on my News page. For links to these articles, including a recent series on wax play, follow this link: Candles for wax play that come with sound advice for safe use.

Interestingly, I also presented two articles on an Argentinian wine, appropriately named The Waxed Bat. For those curious in making such connections between wine, Argentina and wax play, here is the link to get you going: More, in more ways than one, of the Waxed Bat.

Until next year,

Mistress Geo

Important notice: I am currently travelling overseas, to the end of January. My first sessioning day in 2018 will be Thursday 1 February.

Geo Pinch, professional Bristol mistress