When in Singapore, remember the cane...

Wed. 10 Jan. 2018

It’s well into 2018 already and my last News item was back in 2017. How time flies when one is travelling (and so much to do, and little time to attend to the usual day-to-day; well, that’s one of the reasons for getting away, isn’t it).

Since I’ve just been in Singapore, I thought it appropriate to highlight a gift I received in the latter half of last year: a Singapore cane. This cane was presented to me by a faithful who is very familiar with Singapore, and of course he brought the implement back himself.

In the two accompanying pictures you can gauge the length of the cane from the traditional British yard stick that I keep in my Domestic Room along with all my other schoolroom paraphernalia. You can see from the cane’s length – around 37 inches – that it’s not an official Singaporean judicial cane, the length of which is 1.2 metres (47.2 inches). The judicial cane is quite a beast in every sense. The calipers indicate the thickness of my new cane.

This is not the first Singapore cane that has come into my possession, although it is the heftiest. I was also in Singapore in 2016 and I brought back with me a selection of canes I purchased myself. You can read about that and see a photo of the canes in my News article at the time: A taste of Singapore.

Now, while in Singapore it is always a good idea to remember the cane, and that includes not crossing the law, otherwise there is the risk of becoming acquainted with a genuine judicial cane in circumstances that are not likely to leave one with fond memories of said cane. It’s much better to admire from a certain distance; but, for those with a taste for such things, there is always my collection of “little brothers”.

Mistress Geo

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