Alas, nothing stays the same forever

Wed. 17 Jan. 2018

It’s been a decade in professional domination here at Pinch HQ, and once again I can only think of the cliché of “flying time”; something to that effect, anyway. Alas, time has wings (that sounds better). And alas, nothing stays the same forever, not even the sun.

As 2017 wore on and approached its end, I was forced to consider certain issues that normally do not enter into my considerations. And now that we are in to 2018, possibly helped by my current time away, my rumination has reached a conclusion.

It’s after a long period of serious thought that, after 10 years of professional work, I am raising my tribute for the first time. The adage that “nothing is certain but death and taxes” can surely also be extended to rising prices over a period of time, and while prices have certainly risen in the operation of Pinch HQ, raising my tribute has never entered any equation as an option until now. It has not been an easy decision to make, but after a decade of holding the line, I see little choice if I am to continue offering the same high standard of premises and professional operation. Of course, looking on the bright side, the same high standard of premises and professional operation will indeed continue.

Thus, my adjusted tribute will be as follows:

Studio: the first hour will now be £150, but every subsequent half-hour will remain at an additional £50.

Domestic Room: the first hour will now be £120, with £50 applying for every subsequent half-hour.

The relevant areas of my website have been adjusted accordingly.

To all my valued faithfuls, I look forward to seeing you again upon my return.

Mistress Geo

Important notice: I am currently travelling overseas to the end of January; my first sessioning day in 2018 will be Thursday 1 February. I will be attending to email less frequently than usual whilst travelling but will be able to accept tentative appointment times with established regulars by email. I will be available to take appointment bookings from newcomers (by telephone only, as normal) from the afternoon of Monday 29 January.

Geo Pinch, professional Bristol mistress