Can you guess where I am?

Thurs. 25 Jan. 2018

I was walking along the street looking at a some shop windows when I saw this sign, yes, in a shop window. It’s not a particularly common sign, but I suspect it does provide some clue as to where I am. (Hint: I’m still away travelling.)

Long-time faithfuls would have known, or at least made an educated, and probably accurate, guess as to my whereabouts, but I think even the “uninitiated” would be able to make an educated (and probably accurate) guess after perusing the photo I took of the above-mentioned sign in the shop window.

So, this News item is something of a riddle, even if it’s a relatively easy one. Some other items I have coming up from my travels will dispense with riddling and reveal all, so to speak. In any case, I will soon be back at Pinch HQ and dispensing more than riddles.

Mistress Geo

Important notices:
(a) I am currently travelling overseas to the end of January; my first sessioning day in 2018 will be Thursday 1 February. I will be attending to email less frequently than usual whilst travelling but will be able to accept tentative appointment times with established regulars by email. I will be available to take appointment bookings from newcomers (by telephone only, as normal) from the afternoon of Monday 29 January.
(b) For the first time in my 10 years of professional domination, my tribute is rising; the new tribute regime is applicable from 1 February 2018. Please see my News article for details, Alas, nothing stays the same forever.

Geo Pinch, professional Bristol mistress