Do you know where I am?

Wed. 07 Feb. 2018

Regular readers of my News page should know precisely where I am, despite the photo that is accompanying this item. That’s right, I’m back at Pinch HQ in Bristol and all has returned to normal after my annual travel.

My previous News item gave readers an insight into exactly where I travelled – such a sign would not be necessary here in the United Kingdom, would it; unless they were determined and planned their shock tactics carefully, anyone wearing a “thong” here would be arrested for public indecency before they got as far as entering a shop.

I still have a few interesting snippets from my travels – when certain themes overlap with predominant ones here at Pinch HQ – that I will post to my News page, thus the photo of Nudie juice. Of course this brand of juice could very well be de rigueur at naturist clubs, nudist colonies and certain beaches both here and abroad for all I know; it’s certainly appropriately named. It would also be very appropriate as the drink of choice at femdomme and CFNM events (CFNM standing for “Clothed Female Naked Male”). That is, if this brand of juice isn’t banned first – the new contraband of 21st-century moralistic Britain.

I hope my News items will return to their usual greater frequency from here.

Mistress Geo