Anyone for puppy play, Singaporean style?

Wed. 28 Feb. 2018

Puppy play has a niche following in the United Kingdom, but I can imagine that might change if masks like the ones depicted here were available from high-street stores. In that case I think we might see mistresses and masters taking their faithful (human) puppies for walks all over the place. (I wonder if there’s a law against that; there seems to be a law against almost everything else from which pleasure can be derived.)

I encountered these dog masks in a shop in Singapore’s Chinatown, something like the Singaporean equivalent of a pound shop, except much more interesting. The masks have a certain appeal, don’t they, especially when presented the way they are, atop mannequins dressed in kimonos. A kimono and canine head: the perfect accessories for relaxing on a Sunday afternoon with a pipe, slippers, and a glass of port. I expect it would set a new standard for debonair.

So you can imagine my delight when I discovered these figures during my recent wanderings in Singapore. They reminded me of my time in Thailand some years ago when I encountered some singular mannequins in a large covered market; looking at the pictures of those mannequins today still brings me a smile. Here’s the News item: There’s nothing quite like a Thai mannequin.

As for puppy play, I know several people who like this sort of activity; I must ask them what they think of these masks; perhaps I can pick up one or two for them the next time I’m in Singapore.

Mistress Geo