A horse in Essen

Tues. 06 Mar. 2018

My previous News item on the Singaporean dog masks – atop kimono-clad mannequins, of all things – and the related associations with puppy play reminded me of some photos I took in 2006 when I attended Fetish Evolution in Essen, Germany. In this case it was an impressive horse outfit, which I saw at one of the fetish fair days – I forget whether it was the Saturday or the Sunday, as I went on both days of the fair.

The “horse” was slowly parading the fair’s halls, which were many and extensive, and a striking figure he was. The entire four-day extravaganza was well organised and was well worth the effort; the main event in a huge old factory was particularly inspiring (when I say “huge” I mean it – the factory was comprised of multiple buildings and was big enough to accommodate its own internal railway).

Returning to the “horse” at hand, bear in mind when viewing these pictures that they are 12 years old and my photography skills were even less honed than they are today, and the camera I was using then was not as advanced as the one I use now. Having said that, the third photo is probably the best quality of the three here.

I hope you appreciate the idea of people who make the extra effort to dress for their particular “thing”.

Mistress Geo

PS: For my News item on my other big German fetish weekend, in 2013, see As promised: German Fetish Ball pics.