Another cane meets a noble demise

Sun. 01 Apr. 2018

A broken cane... it happens from time to time. Of course I’m not talking about your common, garden-variety, everyday household accident in the way that one might accidentally break a broom or a duster. A cane in my possession doesn’t break because I happened to leave it lying on the floor and someone stepped on it; nor does a cane in my possession break because it’s stored in an overcrowded cupboard and something else crushes it.

No, a cane in my possession is “lost in action”, so to speak, a casualty of its destiny, a most noble and honourable demise. All of my implements serve on the front line of punishment and none more so than my canes, at least when it comes to Domestic Room scenarios (my Studio is a slightly different matter). Those faithfuls who are on the receiving end of canes will be able to testify to the hard life my canes are subjected to, precisely because those same faithfuls are subjected to the hard life of my canes. That makes perfect sense, doesn’t it. Newcomers are welcome to find out for themselves.

Now, this isn’t the first time I’ve dedicated a News item to the memory of one of my canes; see A broken cane is still much appreciated (although in this case the cane was salvageable and lives on in a new incarnation).

This present item (and all of my other cane-themed News items) is dedicated to aficionados of the cane – and there are a great many of these special people.

Mistress Geo