Demonstrating innovation with neodymium magnets

Fri. 06 Apr. 2018

One of the pleasures I take in what I do is the opportunity to be innovative, and even inventive, in being the source of new sensory experiences. One way I do this is to press into service all manner of objects that aren’t normally associated with BDSM practice. Here is a case in point: magnetic balls serving time as nipple-clamping devices.

In fact for many years now there have been whole swathes of writing on the topic of commandeering everyday household and garage items to serve more interesting purposes; a theme of this writing is that one need not necessarily spend a single pound (or dollar, since much of this writing originates in America) in acquiring implements and equipment because most people already own or have access to these everyday items. In other cases, items from DIY stores can be much less expensive than implements produced specifically for BDSM play.

In the particular scenario depicted here, I applied a selection of neodymium magnets to a faithful’s nipples. These little balls have very high magnetic power, and once applied the pressure they exert builds. They are produced for a multitude of uses, including as a “desk toy” that is often recommended by therapists to executives to play with as a stress-release device. Of course one does not have to be an executive to take advantage of the benefits of such devices, as I have demonstrated, although I do prefer to think of this process as nipple therapy. But then again, I am CEO at Pinch HQ Bristol, and thus I have a collection of these magnetic balls variously finished in silver, black and gold that I can insist be utilised for the benefit of my underlings, whose welfare is always uppermost in my considerations.

Here I combined a spot of “nipple therapy” with some bondage; this of course took place in my Studio and was administered as part of a four-hour session. Nipple stress was always guaranteed to be alleviated.

Mistress Geo