Publicly acknowledging the gifts of faithfuls

Wed. 11 Apr. 2018

One of my faithfuls recently gifted me a selection of chocolates that ticks most of the boxes of what constitutes my favourite type of chocolate: dark, and hand-made. That’s them, pictured: Holdsworth “divinely decadent handmade chocolates and truffles”, from the Peak District in Derbyshire.

While I generally have a preference for dark Belgian chocolate, I’m looking forward to trying these as they do indeed look “divinely decadent”. How appropriate. And looking at the list of ingredients, they also do promise to live up to the claims on the back of the box professing no-compromise on quality and “only the finest ingredients”.

So, why do I feature on my News page such things as chocolates (and wine)? It’s because I like to publicly acknowledge those of my faithfuls who make an extra effort to please their mistress and demonstrate their appreciation of experience, expertise, and the time and effort that goes into every session outside the actual session itself.

Mistress Geo